Concrete Supplier Bedford

Also serving Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire

Concrete supplier for commercial and domestic building projects.

Custom Concrete is an independent concrete supplier offering mixed on site concrete in Bedford at competitive prices.

We cover the Bedfordshire area, including Biggleswade  and Leighton Buzzard. 

Custom Concrete in Bedfordshire specialises in mixed on site concrete. We supply all levels of projects, from small gardens to large construction sites.

Custom Concrete Bedford covers Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire and Milton Keynes.

We also supply a concrete pump hire service for hard to access locations.

Visit our Concrete Products page to choose your concrete mix designs. Concrete pump hire service also available.

Mixed on Site Concrete

As a leading supplier of concrete in Bedford, our fleet of modern volumetric concrete trucks carry all the ingredients to site and only start the mixing process when on site.

We offer mixed on site concrete at competitive prices. We do not charge for disposing of waste material.With this alternative to traditional ready-mixed concrete, there is no waste and the customer pays only for what they use. No risk of over-ordering or not ordering enough.

Our expert team of operators will mix your required strength and quantity of concrete ensuring that you only pay for what you use.

Volumetric Concrete

Volumetric concrete is an efficient method of supplying concrete on site with minimum waste.

Volumetric concrete fleets can store the ingredients separately and produce the concrete mix on site. They can carry up to 8 cubic metres at once.

Volumetric concrete is a more practical option to ready-mixed concrete. It is beneficial for both commercial and domestic clients.

Volumetric Truck
– Mixed on Site Concrete

  • No risk of over ordering
  • No waste of materials
  • Only pay for what you use
  • No need to dispose of what is not used
  • Mix and slump can be easily changed on site
  • Mix design is easily adapted to suit site conditions
  • Concrete is freshly mixed on site

Barrel Mixer
– Ready Mix Concrete

  • Delivers every metre it carries
  • Your responsibility to dispose of concrete not used
  • Pay for the full load regardless of how much is actually used
  • Need to dispose of concrete left over
  • Only deliver the mix ordered
  • Mix cannot be changed on site
  • Concrete is mixed at the depot and continues mixing until it reaches the site

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Why Choose Us?

No Disposal Cost of Wasted Concrete

Large or Small Quantities are all catered for

Only pay for the amount you use

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Custom Concrete are able to supply small or large quantities of concrete to commercial sites as well as to general builders and DIY customers. All customers big or small will receive the same reliable and efficient service regardless of the type of supply you require.

We have the right type of concrete for whatever the job.

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