5 Benefits of Concrete Pumping

5 Benefits of Concrete Pumping

Navigating Construction Challenges With Concrete Pumps

For the best results, freshly mixed concrete needs to reach its pour destination fast and efficiently. But if you’re dealing with a site that requires you to get your concrete down a flight of steps, or you need to pour at height, you are going to need specialist equipment to get the job done. Concrete pumps are designed to keep concrete flowing, whatever the challenges a site throws at them.

Custom Concrete is a volumetric concrete supplier for Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, and Buckinghamshire. We take great pride in delivering site mixed concrete where it’s needed, ready to pour. In order to ensure the speed with which our concrete is poured, we also provide pump hire for clients needing to navigate tricky site conditions. First we will look at the different concrete pumps available, then consider 5 benefits of concrete pumping for an efficient and accurate pour.

Two Types of Concrete Pumps

When pouring concrete, challenging site layouts can sometimes necessitate specialised solutions. At Custom Concrete, we offer a range of pump options to ensure efficient and precise delivery, regardless of the obstacles. Choosing between a boom pump and a line pump depends on the specific needs of your project.

  • Boom Concrete PumpThis is used when concrete needs to be poured from a height, or there’s a wall that the concrete needs to reach over. A remote-controlled hydraulic arm with piping attached is used to elevate the concrete to the height required for the pour. The boom arm can reach up to 72 metres, and the concrete is kept agitated as it is poured to maintain its freshness.
  • Line Concrete Pump. If you are unable to access the delivery point for the concrete pour due to obstacles, a line pump provides the ideal solution. Concrete flows from the volumetric truck through connected pipes and hoses to the pour site. It is designed to navigate around obstacles and has a reach up to 150 metres.

5 Benefits of Concrete Pumping

1. Increased Productivity and Efficiency

Commercial construction thrives on tight deadlines. Every wasted minute eats into profits and schedules. Traditional manual pouring, with its endless trips of empty buckets or barrows, can cripple workflow with your workforce stuck in an inefficient cycle, losing precious time and compromising the freshness of your concrete.

Concrete pumping breaks this bottleneck. It rapidly and efficiently transports fresh concrete directly to its destination, freeing your team to focus on other critical tasks. Imagine the productivity surge when everyone is employing their skills to the fullest, propelling your project forward.

2. Minimising Mess and Maximising Safety

Construction is a messy business, but uncontrolled concrete spills can be both a nuisance and a safety hazard. Traditional manual pouring, with its buckets and wheelbarrows, significantly increases the risk of spills, potentially leading to cleanup delays and even accident hazards. Spending precious time clearing up concrete is frustrating when you should be focusing on project progress.

Concrete pumping offers a cleaner and safer solution. By precisely delivering the mix directly to its destination, the need for manual handling and potential spillage dramatically reduces. This not only minimises cleanup downtime but also enhances site safety by eliminating unnecessary trips and hazardous spills. With a pump, your team can focus on the pour itself, confident that the job will be completed quickly and efficiently, without messy disruptions.

3. Optimising Your Workforce

For smaller projects like a residential garage foundation, manual concrete transport with a wheelbarrow might be feasible. However, as project scale increases, the traditional “small army” approach to moving concrete with buckets and wheelbarrows can become economically inefficient

Concrete pumping offers a significant reduction in the required workforce. Its simple setup requires minimal labour, and once operational, only one operator is needed to manage the flow. This frees up your valuable team members to focus on other critical tasks elsewhere on the site, maximising their productivity and overall project efficiency.

4. Preserving Mix Integrity

Preserving Mix Integrity

In construction, nothing can be left to chance, whether laying a driveway or building an apartment block. Achieving a high-quality concrete pour relies on maintaining the integrity of the mix throughout the process.

Volumetric concrete delivery offers the advantage of freshly mixed concrete tailored to your project’s specific needs. It’s crucial to minimise the time between mixing and pour to preserve this freshness and prevent potential compromises to the mix quality. Traditional manual pouring, with its inherent delays and handling, can introduce risks like exposure to natural elements (rain dilution) or loss of optimal consistency.

Concrete pumping tackles these challenges by enabling rapid and controlled delivery of the mix directly to its destination. This minimises handling and exposure, reducing the risk of contamination or quality degradation and ensuring the concrete arrives at its pour point in the optimal state for a successful outcome.

5. Zero Waste, Maximum Control

Volumetric concrete delivery eliminates the guesswork when it comes to ordering. Using the Custom Concrete calculator means that you order only the precise volume you need, minimising the risk of leftover unused material and the associated costs. Concrete pumping further amplifies this benefit by ensuring efficient and targeted delivery.

Traditional pouring methods can suffer from spills and overflows, leading to wasted concrete and potential safety hazards. Concrete pumps, however, provide controlled placement of the mix directly to its destination, minimising spills, and maximising material usage. This not only translates to cost savings from reduced waste but also contributes to a cleaner and safer work environment.

Concrete Pump Hire From Custom Concrete

Hiring a concrete pump from Custom Concrete is easy. We simply need to know the distance you require your pumped concrete to travel, the concrete mix you’ve ordered, and the amount of concrete you will be pumping. You are guaranteed can the same reliable service whatever the size of your job. If you are not sure what kind of pump you need, our customer service team can provide advice and guidance.

Would you like to talk to us about concrete pumping for your pour? Call Custom Concrete today on 01525 861899

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