Concrete Supplier Houghton Regis

Mix On-Site Concrete for Commercial, Residential and DIY jobs in Houghton Regis

Custom Concrete – site mixed concrete supplier for Houghton Regis

Our volumetric trucks deliver to commercial & residential sites.

Concrete Supplier in Houghton Regis
Concrete Supplier Houghton Regis

We are a trusted local supplier of mixed on-site concrete to Houghton Regis. No matter the size of the job, we provide top-quality freshly made concrete for your pour. There’s no waste, and you pay only for what you use.

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Concrete Supplier in Houghton Regis
Concrete Supplier Houghton Regis

Concrete Delivery in Houghton Regis

Our fleet of volumetric trucks transport dry concrete ingredients separately to your site. Once in place, they are mixed to your specifications. Should you need more than one type of mix, we are happy to provide that for you. Custom Concrete trucks are 10 metres long and have a 6 metre maximum reach. If you need a greater reach, or you want to pour from above, we hire out boom and line pumps.

site mixed concrete Houghton Regis

A Local Volumetric Concrete Supplier

Volumetric concrete saves you money and cuts waste. Use the Custom Concrete Calculator to find out how much concrete you need. The Custom Concrete team deliver the exact amount required for your job.

Our trucks are able to deliver up to 8.5 cubic metres of concrete which is freshly mixed in batches for slabs, footings, screeds or pavements.

Why Choose Custom Concrete As Your Concrete Supplier In Houghton Regis?

  • The Custom Concrete Calculator helps you to order accurately
  • Volumetric concrete delivered to commercial, DIY, or residential building sites
  • Concrete is freshly mixed on-site according to your requirements
  • Expert advice on all concrete requirements
  • Waste is eliminated and you pay only for what you use
  • FREE technical support on the correct mix for your project

Areas we cover around Houghton Regis:

Dunstable, Luton, Whipsnade, Harpenden, Toddington, Woburn, Barton-le-Clay, Woburn, Milton Keynes

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