How Does Concrete Mixing On Site Work?

How Does Concrete Mixing On Site Work?

How Is Mix On Site Concrete Carried Out?

There are two kinds of concrete you can order for a job; ready mix and concrete mixing on site. If you’re new to ordering concrete these terms can be confusing, so this article is about why, and when, you would order mix on site concrete, rather than the alternative, ready mixed. We’ll also go through the process of how on site concrete mixing works.

What is Ready Mixed Concrete?

If you order a batch of ready mixed concrete, or drum concrete, it will be mixed at a batching plant, transported to your site, and delivered ready to use. The fact that it is mixed remotely means that you cannot change your order once it is in process, and you will only be able to order one mix of concrete at a time.

What is Site Mixed Concrete?

Also known as volumetric concrete, because this is the name of the trucks that deliver it, site mixed concrete is transported as raw materials, and then mixed fresh in preparation for the pour. Concrete mixing on site means that changes can be made to the order right up to delivery, and it is possible to mix multiple batches over the course of that delivery.

Advantages of Choosing Volumetric Concrete

There are a number of unique benefits attached to ordering volumetric concrete for your project:

  • Order Exactly the Amount You Need. Using the Custom Concrete Calculator, you can work out exactly what you need, according to the mix you require.
  • No Waste. We’ll mix the concrete you need for your job, no more, no less. So you are not paying for concrete that is not used, and there is no waste to dispose of.
  • Volumetric Trucks. Custom Concrete volumetric trucks carry up to 8.5m³ per load. The volume capacity makes our trucks ideal for large construction projects.
  • Fresh Concrete. The concrete is poured immediately after it has been mixed, so it is in a perfect condition for use.
  • Multiple Batches. One delivery slot can provide multiple batches in the order you need them.

How Does Concrete Mixing On Site Work?

Volumetric concrete mixers are designed for sustainability, flexibility, and productivity. Here is how concrete mixing on site works:

  1. Programming the Mix. The customer places their order and schedules their delivery. Prior to delivery, the control panel on the volumetric truck is calibrated and the mix designs are programmed in. Our specialist operators can scroll through the menu to find the specific mix design that has been ordered.
  2. Mixing the Ingredients. The volumetric control panel displays the settings for the cement, water, and aggregate. The truck settings are adjusted, and the truck is ready to start mixing.
  3. Mixing the Concrete. The concrete is mixed in the auger at the back of the truck. The process is started by the operator, and a central conveyor brings forward the aggregate. Cement and water are automatically fed into the auger. Each batch is mixed according to the customer’s specifications.
  4. Multiple Batches. The same process can be repeated as many times as necessary, depending on the number of different batches required.

Concrete Pump Hire

Custom Concrete volumetric trucks are 10 metres long and have a fairly good reach for pumping. If, however, you need an extended reach, or there is a reason to pump from above, we also provide concrete pump hire. Our line and boom pumps can be hired at the same time you order your concrete.

About Custom Concrete

At Custom Concrete we care about getting things right for our customersOur customer service specialists are always available to offer advice and guidance when you order, and technical advice is available upon request. We can provide concrete mixing on site for DIY, residential and commercial sites, and no job is too big, or too small.

Would you like to order concrete mixing on site from Custom Concrete? Book a slot today by calling today on 01525 861899, or by contacting us online.

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