How to Prepare for Concrete Delivery

How to Prepare for Concrete Delivery

Preparing for Volumetric Concrete Delivery

Custom Concrete prides itself on being an independent supplier of mix on site concrete to residential, commercial and construction sites across Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, and Hertfordshire. That means that we provide concrete delivery to a variety of environments, from small driveways in cul-de-sacs, to large construction sites.

There are any number of obstacles to delivery that we encounter on a daily basis, and most of them we can find a quick solution for. The most time-consuming problem, though, is caused by sites that are unprepared for their volumetric concrete delivery. In order to avoid delays and problems, there are 6 preparatory steps you can take:

1. Calculate How Much Concrete You Need

Mix on site concrete means that you reduce waste and get the exact mix you need for your job. To help customers achieve this, we provide the Custom Concrete Calculator which allows you to arrive at an accurate estimate of the amount required. If you are unsure of the concrete mix you need, our knowledgeable customer service team can help you out.

2. Clear Access in Advance

As soon as you have a date for your concrete delivery, start thinking about how you can improve access for the volumetric truck. If the site is residential, there may be limited space, but work out the best way to achieve proximity for the truck to the site. Clear any obstacles such as vehicles, or equipment to allow space.

If you have limited access, Custom Concrete provides pump hire.

3. Prepare Your Staff

Let everyone know in advance when the mix on site concrete delivery is scheduled for. This will give everyone the opportunity to complete other tasks in advance and be ready when the truck arrives. Sites where everyone knows what they need to do when we arrive achieve the best level of efficiency.

Be aware of the weather forecast, too. If heavy rain, gales, or snow are forecast, you may need to take steps to protect the concrete as it is poured.

4. Inform Your Neighbours

If the delivery is to a residential street, it is really helpful if neighbours can move their cars to improve our access. Letting neighbours know in advance is always a good tactic, as the site of a volumetric truck parking up can be alarming otherwise. Where the street is narrow, most people are happy to help out by parking elsewhere – so long as they know for how long!

5. On Site Preparations

Make sure that the area of the pour is ready in advance. This means removing any debris, and ensuring the ground is level. If you are using a framework, test that it is strong enough to withstand the pouring of the concrete. Finally, concrete splashes can be avoided by laying a plastic, protective covering on your driveway.

6. Be Ready For The Pour

One of the advantages of site mixed concrete is the freshness of the product. As soon as the concrete is ready, you need to be ready for the pour. This may mean wielding wheelbarrows, supervising the pump, or levelling the concrete. We regularly change mixes for different jobs on one visit, so know the order in advance and be ready for each subsequent pour.

About Custom Concrete Trucks

Our volumetric trucks are 10 metres long, 2.5 metres wide and 4 metres high. They are heavy, and they need a smooth, firm surface in order to be able to approach the drop point. Each truck carries 8.5 cubic metres per load.

Would you like to talk to a member of the Custom Concrete team about arranging a concrete delivery? Call us today on 01525 861899 or contact us online.

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