Is Concrete Sustainable?

Is Concrete Sustainable?

Sustainable Concrete Solutions for Builders

In the UK alone we use 90 million tonnes of concrete annually to build our homes, offices, bridges, and roads. Concrete forms the backbone of our society and infrastructure, but its production also comes with a significant environmental cost: 8% of global carbon emissions.

At Custom Concrete, we understand the urgency of addressing this challenge. We’re committed to leading the way in sustainable concrete solutions, focusing on processes and products that minimise the embodied carbon footprint of this essential building material.

In this blog we take a look at the challenges and opportunities of sustainable concrete. We’ll explore innovative processes, greener materials, and the benefits they offer, whether you’re a construction professional, a DIYer, or simply someone interested in building a more sustainable future.

Building Greener with CEM II Concrete

Traditional Portland cement, known as CEM I, has a significant carbon footprint due to its energy-intensive production process. Recognising this impact, companies like concrete suppliers like Custom Concrete are leading the way by adopting CEM II Eco-efficient cement. This innovative material offers construction professionals several advantages:

Reduced Carbon Footprint

  • Up to 20% less CO2 emissions. CEM II substitutes clinker (a high-emission component) with ground limestone, significantly reducing process and fuel emissions during production.
  • Contributing to sustainability goals. Choosing CEM II aligns your projects with growing demands for eco-friendly construction and helps you meet sustainability targets.

Equivalent Performance

  • Meets industry standards. Formulated according to EN 197-1, CEM II delivers the same performance as traditional CEM I in terms of strength, durability, and workability.
  • No compromise on quality. You can trust CEM II for projects requiring high standards without sacrificing environmental responsibility.

Additional Benefits

  • Improved workability. Some CEM II blends offer enhanced workability, leading to easier placement and finishing, potentially saving time and labour.
  • Reduced heat of hydration. Certain CEM II types generate less heat during curing, minimising the risk of cracking in mass concrete applications.
  • Future-proof your projects. By adopting sustainable practices, you ensure your projects are aligned with evolving regulations and market demands for green construction.

Why Mix On-Site Concrete is the Sustainable Choice

Why Mix On-Site Concrete is the Sustainable Choice

At Custom Concrete, we care about providing sustainable concrete solutions that meet your construction needs without compromising the environment. That’s why we recommend the use of site mixed, or volumetric concrete, over traditional ready-mix delivery using remote batching centres. Here’s why:

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

  • Eco-friendly cement. We use CEM-II Eco Cement, minimising the carbon footprint of cement production compared to traditional options.
  • Efficient delivery. Volumetric trucks transport only raw materials, eliminating the need to haul pre-mixed concrete with a higher embodied carbon footprint.
  • Minimal waste. Our Custom Concrete Calculator helps you order the exact amount needed, preventing unnecessary concrete production and disposal.

Conserve Precious Resources

  • Water savings. Volumetric trucks require significantly less water for cleaning compared to traditional ones, saving thousands of litres per year.
  • Reduced fuel consumption. Our volumetric trucks make local deliveries, which minimises fuel use and emissions.

Enjoy Unmatched Convenience and Quality

  • Flexible mixes. Get multiple concrete batches for various project needs in one delivery, streamlining your process and reducing transportation emissions.
  • Consistent quality. Our on-site mixing ensures precise control over ingredients and delivers consistently high-quality concrete every time.

Choosing volumetric concrete with Custom Concrete means:

  • Partnering with a sustainability leader. We’re committed to minimising our environmental impact and helping you do the same.
  • Expert guidance. Our team can help you choose the right concrete mix and, in doing so, optimise your order for maximum efficiency.
  • Reliable service. You can count on us for on-time delivery and consistent quality to keep your project on track.

Paving The Way For a Greener Future

The UK construction industry is embracing sustainability, and concrete is a part of their eco-friendly future. Several exciting projects are pushing the boundaries of sustainable concrete solutions.

For instance, researchers at the University of Cambridge are developing bio-concrete reinforced with seaweed fibres, offering a potentially carbon-negative alternative. Additionally, recycled plastic waste is being incorporated into concrete mixes in projects like the National Grid’s London Power Tunnels, reducing reliance on virgin materials. Looking ahead, prefabricated concrete with integrated insulation is gaining traction, minimising construction waste, and improving energy efficiency in buildings.

These advancements, alongside the growth in adoption of volumetric concrete delivery, demonstrate the UK’s commitment to sustainable construction, offering exciting possibilities for the future.

Sustainable Concrete From Custom Concrete

Custom Concrete make sustainable construction easy. Simply order your concrete, using our Custom Concrete Calculator, and we’ll provide freshly mixed CEM II concrete exactly where it’s needed. You are guaranteed can the same reliable service whatever the size of your job. If you’re not sure what mix you need for your job, our customer service team can provide advice and guidance.

Would you like to talk to us about a local volumetric delivery?  Call Custom Concrete today on 01525 861899

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