Local Concrete Supplier for Harpenden

Local Concrete Supplier for Harpenden

Volumetric Concrete For Commercial, DIY and Residential Jobs

If you’re in search of a dependable local concrete supplier for Harpenden, look no further than Custom Concrete. Our fleet of volumetric trucks ensures the delivery of freshly mixed concrete precisely where you need it, ready for immediate pouring. Whether you’re working on a residential project, managing a large construction site, or tackling a smaller DIY job, we’ve got you covered.

Custom Concrete has supplied Hertfordshire with high-quality volumetric concrete deliveries since 2006. With over a decade of experience in the industry, we understand the importance of prompt and efficient concrete supply. This is why we are committed to providing a hassle-free and punctual service, ensuring your project remains on track and meets its deadlines.

What is Volumetric Concrete?

Volumetric concrete, also known as site mixed concrete, is a versatile and highly customisable concrete solution that offers distinct advantages, especially when compared to traditional ready-mix concrete. It is an ideal choice for many construction projects, offering greater flexibility and cost-efficiency.

What is Volumetric Concrete?

Volumetric concrete is mixed on-site using a specialised truck known as a volumetric mixer. Unlike ready-mix concrete, which is pre-mixed at a batching plant and then transported to the construction site, volumetric mixers have the ability to adjust the concrete mix composition right at the job site. This means you have full control over the mix design, allowing you to tailor the concrete to your project’s specific requirements.

Why Choose a Local Concrete Supplier for Harpenden?

When it comes to sourcing concrete for your Harpenden construction project, opting for a local supplier offers a many advantages. We have selected five key benefits that our customers tell us they appreciate:

1. Local Reputation Matters. The quality of your construction project hinges on the quality of your concrete. It’s crucial to be well-informed about your concrete supplier’s reputation. When you choose a local concrete supplier, this task becomes much easier. You can easily find out about their local reputation, gauge the excellence of their customer service, evaluate the expertise and experience of their staff, and most importantly, the quality of their concrete.

2. Reliable and Timely Deliveries. At Custom Concrete, we understand that project timelines are of utmost importance. Our team is committed to prompt and reliable delivery of your concrete. Unlike suppliers who transport concrete over long distances, which can lead to potential delays, a local supplier like us can guarantee that your site-mixed concrete will arrive precisely according to your project schedule.

3. Catering to Projects of All Sizes. Our fleet of volumetric trucks carries the necessary raw materials for concrete, allowing us to deliver freshly mixed concrete to sites of any size. We don’t impose surcharges on DIY customers requiring small-volume deliveries, and we proactively assess site access to address any potential issues beforehand. Regardless of your project’s size or location, you can count on us for dependable and cost-effective concrete delivery.

4. Personalised Customer Service. As a local business, Custom Concrete cares about cultivating enduring professional relationships with our customers. We want the quality of our product and the expertise of our customer service team to be the reasons you choose us repeatedly.

  • Our Custom Concrete Calculator allows customers to accurately determine the precise mix and volume of concrete you need.
  • Our knowledgeable Customer Service team is always ready to assist with inquiries, offer mix advice, and provide technical insights.
  • Should you require minor adjustments to your concrete order, even at the point of delivery, we are more than willing to accommodate.
  • We offer concrete pump rentals to ensure a swift and efficient pouring process.

5. Pay for What You Use. At Custom Concrete, we take pride in being a cost-effective local concrete supplier in Harpenden. We ensure that you pay only for the concrete you actually use. Our Concrete Calculator allows you to order the exact volume you require, eliminating wastage and disposal concerns once your project is completed.

Working With Custom Concrete

Why choose a local concrete supplier for Harpenden? Our customers tell us that local suppliers who are part of the local economy are more likely to provide service that goes the extra mile. We can guarantee local customers friendly and knowledgeable customer service, ease of ordering, and stress-free delivery.

If you are looking for a local concrete supplier for Harpenden and you would like to know more about volumetric concrete from Custom Concrete, call our dedicated customer service team today on 01525 861899

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