Local Concrete Supplier for Stevenage

Local Volumetric Concrete Delivery 

Looking for a local concrete supplier for Stevenage? Relax, you’re in the right place. Custom Concrete has a fleet of volumetric trucks which guarantees local deliveries of freshly mixed concrete ready to pour. Whether you’re tackling a DIY job, renovating properties in Stevenage, or managing a large construction project, you can rely on us.

Ever since 2006, Custom Concrete has been supplying top-quality volumetric concrete to local businesses. We understand the importance of prompt and reliable concrete supply, and with over a decade of experience we can be trusted to deliver. The Custom Concrete team are specialists, committed to making sure your project meets its deadlines.

What is the Difference Between Ready-Mix and Volumetric Concrete?

Volumetric concrete and ready-mix concrete are both popular choices in the construction industry, but they differ significantly in terms of flexibility and efficiency.

Volumetric concrete, championed for its versatility, is mixed on-site in a specialised truck called a volumetric mixer. This allows for precise adjustments to the mix, ensuring optimal quality and consistency. Volumetric concrete is made to order, reducing waste and over ordering. It also allows for last-minute tweaks, making it ideal for complex projects or remote locations.

In contrast, ready-mix concrete is pre-mixed at a plant, which limits on-site adjustments and can lead to over-ordering or under-ordering. Transportation time may affect freshness and workability. While ready-mix is suitable for simple projects, volumetric concrete shines when it comes to tailored, efficient, and sustainable concrete solutions.

The Benefits of a Local Concrete Supplier for Stevenage?

When it comes to sourcing concrete for your construction project, opting for a local supplier offers numerous benefits. We have selected just five:

1. Local Reputation. The success of your construction project depends on the quality of your concrete. It’s crucial to make an informed choice when picking your concrete supplier, and this choice becomes much simpler when you opt for a local supplier. Choosing local allows you to tap into the wealth of local knowledge and reputation they’ve built.

2. Deliveries You Can Rely On. At Custom Concrete, we prioritise project timelines. We’re dedicated to delivering your concrete promptly and reliably. Unlike suppliers that travel long distances, risking delays, a local supplier can ensure that your site-mixed concrete arrives promptly according to the agreed schedule.

3. Large or Small Projects. Our volumetric trucks carry only the raw materials needed for concrete, so we can deliver to any size of job. What sets us apart is our commitment to fairness—we won’t hit DIY customers with unnecessary surcharges. Plus, we go the extra mile to assess site access in advance, eliminating any possible hiccups.

4. Customer Service. As a local business, we care about making long-term business links with our customers. We want the quality of our product and the expertise of our customer service team to be the the reason we gain your repeat business:

  • Our Custom Concrete Calculator allows customers to accurately determine the precise mix and volume of concrete you need.
  • We have a knowledgeable Customer Service team that is always ready to assist with inquiries, offer mix advice, and provide technical insights.
  • Should you require tweaks to your concrete order, even at the point of delivery, we are more than willing to accommodate.
  • We offer concrete pump hire to ensure a swift and efficient pouring process.

5. Waste-Free. At Custom Concrete, we’re proud to be your local concrete supplier. Thanks to our Concrete Calculator, you’ll only be charged for the concrete you use. You can order the precise volume required, saving you from unnecessary waste and disposal hassles once your project’s wrapped up.

Discover the Benefits of Choosing Custom Concrete

Why choose a local concrete supplier? Our customers tell us that local suppliers, who are part of the local economy of the area, are more likely to go the extra mile in service. With us, you’re guaranteed a friendly and knowledgeable customer service team, hassle-free ordering, and smooth delivery.

If you’re in search of a reliable local concrete supplier for Stevenage call our knowledgeable customer service team today on 01525 861899

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