Local Concrete Suppliers for Flamstead

Local Concrete Suppliers For Flamstead

Site-Mixed Concrete for Domestic, Commercial or DIY Jobs

As an independent volumetric concrete supplier operating across Hertfordshire, Custom Concrete takes pride in delivering top-quality concrete promptly and efficiently to all our customers, large and small. We’re local concrete suppliers for Flamstead, providing concrete that is freshly mixed, on-site, directly prior to the pour.

Why Choose Site-Mixed Concrete?

Site-mixed concrete, also known as volumetric concrete, is transported to the site as raw materials. Once it is positioned for the pour, the volumetric truck starts work as a mobile batching plant, producing fresh concrete. If more than one mix is needed in the course a site delivery, we programme in multiple batches that can be mixed as you need them.

Our regular customers in Flamstead see a number of benefits to choosing site-mixed concrete:

  • Cost-effectiveness. Mix on-site concrete minimises waste and transport costs. For sites requiring different mixes, multiple batches can be produced in one delivery. Local concrete suppliers for Flamstead reduce the costs associated with transportation and delivery fees. There is no surcharge for smaller deliveries.
  • Flexibility and customisation. Site-mixed concrete allows for greater flexibility and custom mixes. Concrete can be tweaked on-site to meet specific project needs, such as altering the mix proportions, adjusting the curing time, or making changes to the concrete strength.
  • Reduced reliance on delivery schedules. With volumetric concrete, you are not dependent on the delivery schedule of a ready mixed concrete supplier. Nor are you subject to the stresses that can be caused by traffic delays. Waiting for concrete to arrive eats into profits; local concrete suppliers for Flamstead guarantee prompt delivery.
  • Environmental considerations. Site mixed concrete reduces the carbon footprint associated with transportation since it eliminates the need for concrete delivery trucks. We also use CEM II eco cement. These can be an important factors for projects focused on sustainability and reducing environmental impact.

How to Order Volumetric Concrete

As a local business, our goal is to develop long-term relationships with our customers in Flamstead and across Hertfordshire. In order to do that, we guarantee high-quality site-mixed concrete, and excellent customer service. Our team has years of experience in concrete delivery, which means that they are able to offer advice and guidance customers can trust.

Getting value from your concrete supplier begins with the ordering process. Customers in Flamstead use the Custom Concrete Calculator to calculate the exact volume of concrete required for their job. This is done by selecting the kind of job you need the concrete for, entering your measurements, and then you’ll receive an accurate calculation of the volume to order.

If you have any questions about the mix you need, or the different batches you require, our customer service team will be on-hand to help.

Concrete Pump Hire

Custom Concrete volumetric trucks are 10 metres in length, 2.5 metres in width, and 4 metres in height. While these trucks offer excellent reach, not all sites in Flamstead provide the necessary accessibility for a pouring into slabs or footings. In such situations, we provide concrete pump hire services to ensure the swift and efficient delivery of your concrete to its intended location.

We offer customers two types of concrete pump hire: the concrete line pump, and the concrete boom pump. Whatever the access challenge presented by your site, one of these pumps will provide the solution you need.

  • Concrete Line Pump. The line pump comprises a number of connected pipes, used to navigate obstacles and speed up concrete delivery. Once volumetric concrete is mixed it is channelled into the hopper and pumped through the pipes to the desired location. The line pump guarantees fast, clean delivery of your concrete.
  • Concrete Boom Pump. If your concrete requires delivery in a particularly tight spot, requiring drop delivery from above, the boom pump is a perfect solution. A hydraulic arm facilitates the lifting and placing of pipes where access is difficult. Boom pumps are used in the construction of high-rise buildings, or on sites where access is extremely restricted.

Working With Custom Concrete

Why choose a local concrete suppliers in Flamstead? Our customers tell us that they choose Custom Concrete because we know the area well, and we’re part of the local economy. Most important, we can be relied upon to deliver straightforward ordering, prompt delivery and informed customer service.

If you are looking for local concrete suppliers for Flamstead, or you would like to know more about volumetric concrete from Custom Concrete, call our dedicated customer service team today on 01525 861899

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