Mix On Site Concrete Truck

Mix On Site Concrete Truck

Freshly Mixed Concrete and No Waste

Our first mix on site concrete truck started making deliveries in 2005. Now Custom Concrete has a fleet of trucks delivering site mixed concrete to customers in Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, and Hertfordshire. With over a decade of experience, we are more convinced than ever that mixing concrete fresh on site, offers the best and most efficient form of concrete delivery for clients. Want to know why?

What is a Mix On Site Concrete Truck?

Also known as a volumetric truck, the mix on site concrete truck carries the raw ingredients required for mixing concrete to your site. Once in position, the truck becomes a mobile batching plant, mixing fresh concrete and then pouring exactly where you need it.

Our trucks carry up to 8.5 metres of concrete and they can provide the mix you require in the volume needed. We also supply mixed batches if, for example, you need a dry kerb mix and a wet footing mix.

How is the Concrete Mixed?

The design of volumetric concrete truck facilitates mobile batching of a variety of mixes, providing fresh concrete for large, medium, or small-scale projects. Here is how it works:

The control panel, located on the outside of the concrete truck, is calibrated, and pre-programmed with all the mix designs required. A Custom Concrete operator will scroll through the menu to find the mix design that has been ordered.

The required settings for the water, cement, and aggregate are displayed on the control panel. The truck settings are adjusted, and preparations are completed on site for the pour.

The mixing is carried out in the auger at the back of the truck. The operator initiates the process, and the central conveyor brings forward the aggregate, this automatically feeds cement and water into the auger. The fresh concrete produced is mixed to the exact needs of the customer.

Once the pour is complete, the batching process can be repeated for as many mixes as many times as required.

What are the Advantages of Using Site Mixed Concrete?

We’re asked about the benefits of using site mixed concrete regularly, Here are the top 5 that we always talk about to customers:

  • Freshly Mixed Concrete. The concrete you use has been mixed immediately prior to pour. Where concrete is mixed remotely, and then transported, there is always a danger that the curing process has begun prior to pouring
  • No Waste. The Custom Concrete Calculator allows customers to order exactly the amount of concrete they need for their job. That is the volume we mix. This is a cost-effective approach which saves you money and eliminates waste.
  • Tailored Mixing. The concrete ingredients are transported separately in the on site mixing truck. Should you need to tweak your original specifications, due to weather conditions, for example, we can adapt the mix to fit the circumstances.
  • High Volume Trucks. Custom Concrete trucks carry up to 8.5 metres of concrete, whereas conventional trucks carry 6-8 metres.
  • Large or Small Jobs. We supply site mixed concrete for residential work, DIY projects, and construction sites. It makes no difference to us if you order a small volume of concrete, and we will not impose a surcharge.

Concrete Pump Hire

Custom Concrete trucks are 10 metres long, 2.5 metres wide and 4 metres high. They provide a good reach but there will always be jobs where access is difficult, or concrete has to be poured from above. For these occasions we can provide line and boom concrete pump hire.

About Custom Concrete

At Custom Concrete we care about getting things right for our customers. Our customer service specialists are always available to offer advice and guidance when you order, and technical advice is available upon request. We make deliveries to residential and commercial sites, and no job is too big, or too small.

Would you like to order mix on site concrete from Custom Concrete? Book a slot today by calling today on 01525 861899, or by contacting us online.

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