Site-Mixed Concrete Delivery for Marston Moretaine

Site-Mixed Concrete Delivery for Marston Moretaine

Volumetric Concrete Supplier for Commercial and Residential Jobs

Looking for reliable site-mixed concrete delivery for Marston Moretaine? Look no further than Custom Concrete. Our commitment to customer service sets us apart, and we take pride in delivering high-quality, freshly made eco-concrete tailored to your specific requirements.

At Custom Concrete, we understand the importance of fast and efficient concrete delivery. That’s why we guarantee prompt and hassle-free service, ensuring that your project stays on schedule. Our unique offering of mix on-site concrete ensures that you get fresh concrete, ready for pouring immediately.

No matter the size of the job, we deliver. The Custom Concrete team regularly works with DIYers, construction industry professionals, and refurbishment projects. We can provide mixed batches as required, and there’s no surcharge if you need a small volume delivered. Experience the difference that Custom Concrete brings to your project.

What is Site-Mixed Concrete?

Site-mixed concrete (also known as volumetric concrete) refers to the process of creating concrete on site, where it will be poured, rather than pre-mixing it at a distant facility. This method involves combining cement, aggregates, water, and often additives in precise proportions, ensuring fresh and customised concrete that suits your project’s requirements.

The use of volumetric trucks as mobile batching plants offers flexibility, as the concrete mix can be adjusted on-site to accommodate specific needs. This makes site-mixed concrete delivery in Marston Moretaine the preferred choice for projects where immediate pouring and mixed batches are required.

“Excellent service, driver was prompt, helpful and friendly. First time I’ve used Custom Concrete but wouldn’t hesitate to use them again and recommend to anyone.”

– James Peston

5 Benefits of Site-Mixed Concrete Delivery in Marston Moretaine

As established local concrete suppliers for Marston Moretaine, we know, from our customers, that their priorities are having a supplier they can rely on, a high-quality product, and customer service that offers knowledgeable project advice. Our local reputation confirms that we deliver on these requirements, and a few more as well.

1. Simple and Efficient Ordering

Custom Concrete provides a streamlined and dependable ordering process. Our customers in Marston Moretaine trust the Custom Concrete Calculator to provide tailored solutions. Simply input your project details, and this tool calculates the precise volume required, ensuring cost-effective ordering.

For added support, our dedicated team of customer service experts at Custom Concrete is ready to assist. From answering queries to providing comprehensive guidance, we’re here to ensure your experience is quick and efficient.

2. We Deliver to Any Size of Job

Operating a versatile volumetric truck with an 8.5m² capacity, we can cater to both extensive construction projects and needs of local Marston Moretaine residents. From sizeable construction sites to DIY enthusiasts or small-scale residential builders, our adaptable approach ensures a perfect match for your concrete requirements.

With the ability to adjust volumes as needed, we have eliminated surcharges for smaller orders, making cost-effective concrete delivery a reality for every customer.

3. You Only Pay For What You Use

Opting for the smart choice of site-mixed concrete means you can bid farewell to unnecessary waste. Our innovative volumetric trucks bring a new level of precision to your projects. When you opt for site-mixed concrete delivery in Marston Moretaine, you’re guaranteed a solution that ensures you receive exactly the amount of concrete you need.

You Only Pay For What You Use

Unlike traditional methods that might result in waste, our advanced mixing and delivery process means there’s no excuse for excess volume, reducing the environmental impact and saving you money.

4. Your Concrete Mix Can Be Tweaked

Custom Concrete drivers frequently deliver to Marston Moretaine sites in less-than-ideal weather conditions. A blistering heatwave, or deluge of rain can profoundly impact concrete strength and finish. Higher temperatures can accelerate curing, potentially causing shrinkage and cracks, while rain poses a risk of weakening the mix.

To ensure impeccable quality, we strive to avoid extreme weather deliveries. If circumstances demand, though, the Custom Concrete team has the experience to adapt. They expertly adjust the concrete mix, accounting for on-site conditions. This ensures the concrete maintains its integrity, upholding our commitment to excellence, regardless of the challenging elements it encounters.

5. Our Site-Mixed Concrete is Sustainable

At Custom Concrete we are committed to sustainable concrete solutions. We’ve transitioned from CEM-I Ordinary Portland Cement to the environmentally conscious CEM-II Eco Cement, a shift that significantly slashes the carbon footprint of our concrete production, as substantiated by industry sources. This eco-friendly alternative has been exhaustively tested and found to demonstrate the same quality and robust strength for which we are known.

Beyond the ecological advantages, our strategic choice allows us to maintain price stability, safeguarding your investment while fostering a greener construction industry.

Why Choose Custom Concrete?

Custom Concrete is a trusted choice for Marston Moretaine’s site-mixed concrete needs, consistently delivering exceptional value. Our distinctive approach involves mixing concrete to our clients’ specifications directly where it is needed. As local concrete suppliers, we provide comprehensive, no-cost technical assistance, guiding you towards the ideal mix for your project. We also provide pump hire to expedite the pour in challenging locations.

If you would like more information about Custom Concrete site-mixed concrete delivery in Marston Moretaine, call our dedicated customer service team today on 01525 861899

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