The Benefits of Pumped Concrete in Construction

The Benefits of Pumped Concrete in Construction

Improved Efficiency & Productivity Through Volumetric Concrete Pumping

Construction projects rely on site efficiency and enhanced productivity to preserve their profit margins. One of the ways they achieve this is by using pumped concrete to ensure that the pour is executed swiftly. When faced with sites that present obstacles to direct access, concrete pumping offers an effective, adaptable, and dependable solution to what could otherwise be a time-consuming problem.

When it comes to mix on-site concrete, Custom Concrete is the name you can trust in Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, and Buckinghamshire. We take pride in being an independent supplier, offering our services to projects of all sizes, whether it’s a narrow residential driveway or a large-scale construction site.

To ensure we provide the best solutions for our clients, we frequently use pumped concrete. This method guarantees improved efficiency and productivity, allowing us to meet clients’ specific project requirements with precision. In this article we explore the many benefits of using concrete pumps in construction.

Volumetric Pumped Concrete

Volumetric trucks, also known as mobile batch plants, are a type of concrete delivery that mixes concrete on-site. The raw materials arrive in separate compartments and are mixed according to the specifications of the client. The operator controls the amounts dispensed into a mixing auger or drum. These trucks streamline on-site concrete production, offering convenience and efficient solutions for construction projects.

To further optimise the delivery process, Custom Concrete provides concrete pump hire for sites requiring extended reach, or where the site access is challenging.

1. Line Pump

A line pump is an ideal choice in situations where it is difficult to position a volumetric truck near the pour site or when a speedy completion of the pour is required. This pump operates by pumping concrete through pipes and hoses from the mix on-site truck directly to the footing or slab, enabling it to navigate obstacles or even pass through a building if necessary.

The benefits of using a line pump include the rapid delivery of freshly mixed concrete to the pour site and the continuous agitation of the mix throughout the pour to maintain its optimal state. Typically, a line pump can cover a distance of approximately 150 metres, with additional flexible piping for added flexibility.

2. Boom Pump

A boom pump is used when there is a need to pour site-mixed concrete from a height or drop it from above, offering an effective solution for such scenarios. This type of pump operates with a hydraulic arm that lifts the piping carrying concrete and elevates it above the pour site. It can be either stationary or mounted on a truck, providing flexibility in its usage.

Boom pumps boast an impressive reach of approximately 72 metres when fully extended. The benefits of utilising a boom pump include the ability to lift mixed on-site concrete over obstacles such as walls or hedges, ensuring it can be poured precisely where needed. Additionally, the concrete remains agitated throughout the pumping process, maintaining its optimal state.

Both pumps employ twin hydraulic cylinder pumps. One piston draws liquid concrete from a hopper, while the other pushes the concrete into discharge pipes. The valve mechanism enables alternating between pulling and moving the concrete, resulting in higher volume pumping and time savings.

9 Benefits of Hiring a Concrete Pump

Volumetric pumped concrete represents the evolution of concrete delivery, and offers multiple benefits to our clients, whatever the size of their job:

  1. Reaches inaccessible areas that are impossible for volumetric trucks to access.
  2. Increases productivity and efficiency on site.
  3. Eliminates the need for manual labour, used to transport concrete in wheelbarrows.
  4. Performs well on sites that have uneven and rocky ground.
  5. Is suitable for sites located inside buildings, high-rise buildings, or in basements.
  6. Operates efficiently whatever the weather.
  7. Ensures that freshly mixed volumetric concrete is poured immediately.
  8. Minimises concrete waste.
  9. Simple and swift transportation of concrete.

Pumped Concrete From Custom Concrete

Hiring a concrete pump from Custom Concrete couldn’t be simpler. All we need to know is the distance you require your pumped concrete to travel, the concrete mix you’ve ordered, and the amount of concrete you will be pumping. You can be sure of the same reliable service whatever the size of your job. If you are not certain what kind of pump you need, our customer service team can provide advice and guidance.

Our customers use the Custom Concrete calculator to work out the volume of materials needed for their job, and the mix they require. We deliver fresh concrete, on site, mixed to your requirements.

Would you like to talk to us about using pumped concrete for your pour? Call Custom Concrete today on 01525 861899

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