Types of Concrete Pump

Types of Concrete Pump

Types of Concrete Pump and What They Do

Whatever the size or scope of your construction project, at some point you are likely to have to deal with the issue of moving concrete manually from one location to another. The different types of concrete pump which are found on construction sites today, are the solution to that problem. These mobile pumps arrive with the concrete and get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Just as it’s important to choose the right concrete mix, it is also vital that you have the right kind of pump. The different types of concrete pump are designed to carry out specific tasks. The right one can improve the efficiency and productivity of your pour; the wrong one can be the cause of costly delays to progress.

Custom Concrete hire out concrete pumps which are used to transport mix on-site concrete from our volumetric trucks to the location of the pour. In this blog we look at the different types of concrete pump and consider which is appropriate for different site conditions.

How Does a Concrete Pump Work?

There are several different types of concrete pump but they all apply the same principle. There are two cylinders that are fitted with pistons. These move alternately to draw liquid concrete from the mixer. One cylinder creates air pressure that draws the concrete up, the other delivers the concrete to its desired location. It is a simple, clean and efficient way to get an unwieldy job done.

Two Types of Concrete Pump

At Custom Concrete we produce customised mix on site concrete. Once it has reached its optimum state, it should be poured as quickly as possible. In many cases concrete pump hire isn’t required as we can get our volumetric trucks close enough to the pour site to work without it. Where it is needed, though, there are two types of concrete pump to choose from.

1. Line Pump

  • When to Use a Line Pump. If it’s impossible to get the volumetric truck close enough to the pour site, or if you need the pour to be completed quickly.
  • How Does a Line Pump Work? Concrete is pumped through pipes and hoses from the mix on-site truck to your footing or slab. It can navigate around obstacles or through a building if necessary.
  • Benefits. Freshly mixed concrete gets to the pour site fast. Throughout the pour an agitator keeps working the mix to keep it in an optimum state. A line pump usually covers roughly 150 metres, with additional flexible piping.
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2. Boom Pump

  • When to Use a Boom Pump. If you need to pour site mixed concrete from a height, or drop pour it from above, a boom pump is the solution you need.
  • How Does a Boom Pump Work? It has a hydraulic arm which lifts the piping carrying concrete and elevates it above the pour site. The pump can be stationary or mounted on a truck. Boom pumps can reach approximately 72 meters when fully extended.
  • Benefits. Mixed on-site concrete can be lifted over obstacles such as walls, or hedges to be poured where needed. The concrete is kept agitated throughout the process.

Can Wheelbarrows be Used for Smaller Jobs?

If you’re ordering site mixed concrete for a smaller job, then wheelbarrows may be a viable option. You will need people to help with the transporting though, as it takes up to 30 wheelbarrow loads to transport 1 cubic metre of concrete, and the pour needs to happen fast. If you are using wheelbarrows to transport concrete, you will need a heavy-duty builder’s barrow. Ordinary garden wheelbarrows tend to fall apart quite quickly.

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Custom Concrete Pump Hire

If you would like to hire a concrete pump from custom concrete, the process is simple. All we need to know is how far you want to pump your concrete, the concrete mix you are using, and the amount you need pumped. We provide the same service on every size of job from DIY to large construction projects. If you are not sure what kind of pump you need, our knowledgeable team can provide advice and guidance.

Custom Concrete is a leading provider of site mixed concrete across Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire. Our customers use the Custom Concrete calculator to determine the volume of materials needed, and let us know what kind of mix they require. We deliver fresh concrete, on site, mixed to your requirements. Our pump hire service ensures it is poured as soon as it has been mixed.

Would you like to talk to one of our concrete specialists about site mixed concrete, or pump hire? Call us today on 01525 861899

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