Volumetric Concrete Company for Redbourn

Volumetric Concrete Company Redbourn

Site-Mixed Concrete Supplier in Hertfordshire

Custom Concrete is a local volumetric concrete company for Redbourn, delivering to residential, commercial and DIY jobs. We provide mix on-site concrete in the volume you need, without any additional charges for small loads. As an experienced concrete supplier in Hertfordshire, we prioritise timely delivery, excellent customer service, and optimum quality.

What is Volumetric Concrete?

Volumetric concrete is produced on-site using a specialised volumetric truck or mobile batching plant. It involves mixing the precise amount of raw materials, including cement, aggregates, water, and additives, in separate compartments of the vehicle. The components are then blended together in the correct proportions as needed, ensuring fresh and customised concrete for each project.

This approach allows for flexibility in adjusting the mix design and delivering the exact volume of concrete required, eliminating waste, and enabling efficient on-site production.

Why Choose a Local Volumetric Concrete Company for Redbourn?

Opting for a local volumetric concrete company for Redbourn offers clients several advantages:

1. Prompt and Reliable Local Delivery

Local companies are geographically closer to your project site, which means faster response times and shorter delivery distances. A late delivery can throw out your schedule and that will cost you money.

Custom Concrete keeps deliveries local in order to be able to guarantee prompt delivery for our customers. We are also confident that our concrete is top quality because it is freshly mixed onsite, and then poured immediately.

2. Pay Only For The Concrete You Use

Volumetric concrete not only delivers fresh concrete on-site, it’s also the most cost-effective way to order. Site-mixed concrete is calculated by volume rather than weight, using the Custom Concrete Calculator. This means that there is no waste as customers pay only for the concrete they use, which means no left-over concrete to dispose of either.

3. Check Out Our Reputation

Top quality concrete improves the outcome for your construction project. Which is why it’s important to know what kind of a reputation your concrete supplier has. If you’re working with a local supplier, you can be fairly sure that other businesses in the area are too. So, it’s quite easy to discover whether the concrete is good quality, if the trucks turn up on time, and how much the delivery team know about their business.

4. Looking for Excellent Customer Service?

In our business, it’s the long-term customer relationships that are important to us. In order to create these, we have to be better than the competition when it comes to the quality of our product, the service we offer, and the sector knowledge provided by our staff. We offer the following as part of our service to our customers:

  • Our customers can make use of the Custom Concrete Calculator to accurately determine the volume and mix of the concrete they require.
  • If customers request tweaks to the volume or particular mix of the concrete at the point of delivery, our volumetric truck operators will always oblige.
  • The Custom Concrete customer service team is made up of professionals who know the business. They will help with enquiries, offer advice on the mix that would be best for your job, and provide technical information if requested.
  • We hire out concrete pumps to customers needing them, to ensure a prompt and efficient pour.

5. We Deliver to Any Size of Job

Volumetric trucks transport raw materials for mixing concrete on arrival. This means that we can deliver to jobs large or small, and there is no surcharge applied for customers who want a small volume delivered. No matter where you need mix on-site concrete, as a volumetric concrete company for Redbourn, we offer a reliable, and cost-effective delivery.

Working With Custom Concrete

Why choose our volumetric concrete company for Redbourn? Our customers are clear in their preference for suppliers like Custom Concrete that knows the village and surrounds well and is part of the local economy. We do all that we can to provide an efficient and convenient service which is also cost-effective. 

Our local customers know they can trust Custom Concrete staff to deliver friendly and informed customer service, easy ordering, and prompt delivery.

If you are looking for a local volumetric concrete company for Redbourn, Custom Concrete, call the Custom Concrete team today on 01525 861899

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