Volumetric Concrete Delivery for Cranfield

Volumetric Concrete Delivery for Cranfield

Site-Mixed Concrete – Delivering Flexibility, Efficiency and Quality

Custom Concrete is a leading independent supplier of volumetric concrete in Bedfordshire. We’re a local business with a great track-record for customer service, sustainability, and product quality. Volumetric concrete delivery for Cranfield includes sites of all sizes, from narrow driveways to busy residential areas, and large construction sites.

Volumetric Concrete’s Eco-Friendly Solution

If you are looking for a sustainable concrete mixing solution, volumetric concrete is an excellent choice. As the name suggests, this method focuses on mixing concrete based on volume rather than weight. By eliminating wastage, we ensure that each mix is accurately tailored to meet your specific requirements.

At Custom Concrete, we take pride in our responsible attitude towards the planet. For this reason, we have replaced CEM-I Ordinary Portland Cement with CEM-II Eco Cement. This has been proven to reduce the carbon footprint of our concrete we produce; it also helps us to keep price rises to a minimum.

On-Site Mixing Means Flexibility For Customers

Volumetric concrete delivery for Cranfield customers offers total flexibility. Our team provides mixed-batch concrete in the quantities required, which eliminates any risk of excess material going to waste. With each mix precisely meeting your specifications, you only pay for what you order. By optimising costs, the use of volumetric concrete can significantly contribute to your budget management.

Improve Site Efficiency With Volumetric Concrete Delivery

Volumetric concrete plays a pivotal role in enhancing efficiency on construction sites. Its unique characteristics enable precise mixing and on-site delivery, resulting in significant time and cost savings.

With mix on-site concrete, there is no need to rely on pre-mixed batches or worry about concrete going to waste. Construction teams can mix the exact amount of concrete required on-demand. Custom Concrete volumetric concrete delivery for Cranfield eliminates delays caused by inaccurate quantities or transportation issues.

The flexibility to adjust the mix design as needed ensures optimal quality, whatever your project requirements. By streamlining the concrete production process, volumetric concrete provides construction sites with enhanced efficiency and productivity.

Guaranteed Quality From State-Of-The-Art Volumetric Trucks

Volumetric concrete offers customers a consistently high-quality product as a result of its production methods. By mixing concrete on-site and to customers’ specifications, it ensures freshly mixed concrete adapted – if necessary – to site and weather conditions. The use of state-of-the-art volumetric trucks incorporating advanced technology guarantees accurate measurements and thorough mixing, resulting in a homogenous and durable concrete mix.

By eliminating the need for transportation of the concrete, it eliminates the issues that can arise, such as premature curing and traffic problems leading to delays on site. By contrast, using local volumetric concrete delivery for Cranfield, customers are guaranteed prompt arrival of the team, and fresh concrete offering the very best standards of workability and placement.

Ordering From Custom Concrete

Long-term customer relationships are important to us, which means that we have to beat the competition when it comes to concrete quality, customer service, and sector knowledge. We offer the following as part of our service to our customers:

  • Custom Concrete customers use of the Custom Concrete Calculator to order. This accurately calculates for them, the volume and mix of the concrete they need.
  • We understand that customers may need us to tweak the volume or particular mix of the concrete at the point of delivery. Our volumetric truck operators will, therefore, oblige.
  • The Custom Concrete customer service team is made up of professionals who know the construction industry. They will help with enquiries, offer advice on the mix that would be best for your job, and provide appropriate technical information.
  • If you have a site that’s difficult to access, we hire out concrete pumps to customers needing them, to ensure a prompt and efficient pour.

Working With Custom Concrete

Why choose Custom Concrete volumetric concrete delivery for Cranfield? Our customer feedback tells us that customers appreciate the fact that we deliver value for money and make customer service central to everything we do. We do not apply a surcharge to DIY customers requiring a small volume, and we do everything we can to achieve a smooth delivery to your site.

If you are looking for local volumetric concrete delivery for Cranfield, call the Custom Concrete team today on 01525 861899

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