Volumetric Concrete

Volumetric Concrete or Ready-Mixed?

Volumetric Concrete or Ready-Mixed?

Whether to work with ready-mixed or volumetric concrete is a question we get asked a good deal at Custom Concrete. Quite rightly our customers want to know what the key differences are, and which option best suits certain jobs. In this blog, we work through some of the questions that can help you to decide which of the two is the right choice for your job.

1. What Kind of Job Are You Working On?

One of the major advantages of volumetric concrete is that it’s mixed on-site. So, for sites that need different mixes for different jobs (one for foundations and one for a driveway, for example) volumetric concrete is perfect. The concrete mix is tailored exactly to your needs on site, and different batches can be scheduled throughout the day. If, however, you have a very basic job that requires only one kind of concrete, ready-mix is a good option.

2. What Quantity of Concrete do You Need?

Custom Concrete’s fleet of volumetric trucks carry up to 8.5 metres of concrete, whilst conventional trucks carry 6-8 metres. The other consideration is that a volumetric truck will only mix the exact amount of concrete you need. There will be no waste, and no concrete to dispose of once the job is complete. Specific amounts of ready-mixed concrete can be ordered in advance, but the precision afforded by the mix on-site process is hard to beat.

3. How Fresh do You Like Your Concrete?

Volumetric trucks carry their raw ingredients separately to the site. Once in situ, the water is added and the required mix achieved. The resulting cement could not be fresher. By contrast, ready-mixed concrete is mixed prior to its arrival on site. If it has been in the drum for 30-40 minutes it will already be ‘curing’. It may require the addition of water which runs the risk of weakening the mix.

4. Do You Care About Your Profit Margin?

With ready-mixed concrete the amount you order is the amount that is delivered. Accuracy in ordering is absolutely vital, therefore. However, every site manager will tell you that on-site conditions can change and last minute tweaks go with the territory. A volumetric mix occurs in real time, so you can change the order at the last minute and you won’t feel the pinch of paying for concrete you haven’t used.

5. What’s the Location?

Whether you choose ready-mixed or volumetric concrete, it’s perfectly possible to access both residential and construction sites. At Custom Concrete we are happy to mix concrete for DIY driveways as larger sites. We know that not all jobs are going to allow access for a straight pour, so we can arrange for concrete pump hire if required.

About Custom Concrete

Custom Concrete are specialists when it comes to site mixed concrete. Our first volumetric truck was purchased back in 2005 and this has now grown into a fleet which serves Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire. Customers with queries about their concrete mix will find our friendly customer service team knowledgeable and able to provide the guidance you need.

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