Volumetric Concrete Truck

Volumetric Concrete Truck

How Does a Volumetric Concrete Truck Work?

Custom Concrete runs a fleet of volumetric trucks, delivering site mixed concrete to construction sites, DIYers, and residential projects. This amazing vehicle allows us to offer our clients fresh concrete, mixed to unique formulations, for a range of different applications – pavings, slabs, footings, etc. Often we’ll provide a number of different mixes on one visit. So how does the volumetric concrete truck work so efficiently?

Delivering The Concrete You Need, Where You Need it

Concrete makes our modern towns and cities possible. For this reason, the efficient transportation of concrete will always be priority. The volumetric concrete truck was patented in 1964 by an American farmer, Harold Zimmerman, and he held on to his sole ownership of the design until the 1980s. He managed to create a portable concrete mixer that could deliver fresh concrete, where it was needed, mixed to the unique specifications required by the job.

How Does the Volumetric Truck Mix Concrete?

Key to the volumetric truck’s operations is a series of chambers which contain cement, sand, stone, water, specialist cement additives. The cement materials are kept in these chambers during transportation. Once the truck arrives at the site, the mixing process begins.

The specific ratios of ingredients are programmed into the mixer and the process begins. Each of the separate components is dispensed and combined in the mixing drum, then the water is added to achieve hydration. The mix on site concrete is then poured immediately after it has been mixed.

Volumetric Concrete is the Sustainable Option

At Custom Concrete we are keenly aware of the need to optimise sustainability in concrete production, delivery, and use. In order to reduce our carbon footprint, Custom Concrete has replaced CEM-I Ordinary Portland Cement with CEM-II Eco Cement. This is a more environmentally friendly product that minimizes the carbon footprint of traditional cement production.

The volumetric concrete truck also contributes significantly to our goal of concrete sustainability:

  • Efficiency. Custom concrete customers know that ordering volumetric concrete cuts out waste. Whereas ready-mix suppliers will often add a surcharge on smaller loads, we can service any size of order because we are transporting only the raw materials rather than the finished product.
  • Accuracy. Our Custom Calculator allows you to order accurately and eradicate waste. This means that there’s no excess concrete to get rid of once the job is done, nor do you risk a second delivery because extra concrete is required.
  • Water Savings. All concrete trucks need to be cleaned daily in order to remove the dried concrete and stop clogging of the parts. Concrete trucks with a drum mixer require 180 litres to wash out detritus thoroughly. Volumetric trucks need only 23 litres which make a massive water saving over time.
  • Mixed Batches. The volumetric concrete truck delivers a consistently high-quality product, mixed to unique specifications. If you need different mixes for slabs and footers, we can deliver them in the course of one visit, rather than requiring different deliveries for each of your requirements.

Working With Custom Concrete

The Custom Concrete team care about getting things right for clients. For this reason, we have specialists available to offer advice and guidance when you order. Technical advice is available for clients who request it, and technical data is provided where required. Our volumetric concrete trucks are 10 metres long, 2.5 metres wide and 4 metres high. They have a good reach but if you need line or boom pumps, we provide concrete pump hire.

Would you like to order volumetric concrete from us? Book a slot today by calling today on 01525 861899, or by contacting us online.

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