What is Volumetric Concrete Used For?

What is Volumetric Concrete Used For?

There are a number of different kinds of concrete, which means that we regularly get asked: What is volumetric concrete used for? In this blog we address that question in detail by explaining what volumetric concrete is, the benefits of using it, and what kind of jobs it is particularly suited to.

What is Volumetric Concrete?

Any concrete that is described as ‘volumetric’ has been mixed on site in a volumetric truck. Volumetric concrete is freshly made for immediate use in batches, according to the specific amount and formulation required for the job. Multiple batches of different mixes for a range of jobs – slabs, paving, footings, for example – can be produced in the order required on site.

How Does a Volumetric Concrete Mixer Work?

The volumetric truck is also known as a mobile concrete batching plant. It’s a concrete mixer on a truck that contains concrete ingredient materials and water. These are kept separate whilst the truck is in transit and are mixed once it has arrived on site. This method produces ultra-fresh site mixed concrete in batches that produce the exact mix and amount of concrete required.

How is the Concrete Made?

The technical capabilities of a volumetric truck allow for highly specific mix designs that can be used for large, medium, and small-scale projects. The process is as follows:

  1. The Mix Design. The mix requirements are entered into the control panel.
  2. Measuring the Ingredients. Aggregate streams onto the conveyor belt taking it through the truck. Cement is fed in using the ‘sock’ and water is added using a hose. Each of the ingredients has been measured before being added together.
  3. Mixing the Concrete. Once all the ingredients have arrived in the mixing bowl, they are mixed using the auger.
  4. Delivery. Once perfectly mixed, the concrete flows out of the truck to where it is needed. Line or boom pumps may be required at this stage.

What are the Advantages of Using Site Mixed Concrete?

First and foremost, volumetric concrete allows you to eliminate waste, which is good for your budget. A volumetric concrete mixer will mix only the amount you want, no matter the size of the job. Our customers are able to see their concrete being mixed, and they use it immediately – so site mixed concrete is always fresh.

No matter how many different batches you need, a volumetric mixer will provide them, and should you need to make changes as the last minute, we are easily able to accommodate them. Finally, our concrete is made using blended CEM II cement, making it the sustainable choice.

What is Volumetric Concrete Used For?

The Custom Concrete team would recommend the use of volumetric concrete for just about any job requiring a high-quality product, mixed fresh on your site. There are, however, a number of situations where site-mixed concrete is particularly advantageous:

  • Larger Projects. Volumetric trucks have a large capacity which makes it the perfect choice for projects requiring greater volumes of concrete.
  • Residential Projects. Custom Concrete delivers to commercial and residential sites, no matter the size of the job. Mix on-site concrete can be used for shed bases, foundations, pavements or driveways.
  • Mixed Batch Requirements. Projects requiring mixed batches of concrete are where our mobile batching units come into their own. We can create as many batches as you need, in the order you require them.

We provide concrete for slabs, footings, pavements, and power-floats. The Custom Concrete calculator helps you to work out exactly how much you will need for your job. If you require guidance on the mix, our knowledgeable customer service team are waiting to help.

Are you ready to order volumetric concrete? Call the Custom Concrete team today on 01525 861899

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