What is a Concrete Line Pump?

What is a Concrete Line Pump?

Boom vs. Line Pump – Choosing the Right Concrete Pumping Solution

So, you’re tackling a DIY construction project and you’ve reached a part where you need concrete, but the access to your work site is a little…well, challenging. No need to worry. You’ve got options when it comes to getting that concrete precisely where it needs to go.

Custom Concrete is a trusted local supplier of volumetric concrete and pump hire across Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, and Buckinghamshire. We completely understand that navigating the world of concrete equipment can feel overwhelming. What is a concrete line pump? How does it differ from a boom pump? This blog will be your one-stop guide to understanding the two main types of concrete pumps.

We’ll discuss down the key differences, along with real-life examples to help you decide which pump is the perfect fit for your project.

Understanding Boom Pumps and Line Pumps

Picture this – you need a way to get concrete poured, but a standard volumetric concrete truck is unable to easily access your worksite. That’s where concrete pumps come in; they get the concrete from the truck to the pour site. Let’s look at the two main types and their unique strengths:

Boom Pumps – The High-Reach Heroes

  • What is a boom pump? Mounted on a truck, a boom pump uses a long, hydraulic robotic arm to place concrete exactly where you need it. Think of it like a giant crane for concrete.
  • How it works. Concrete is pumped from the truck through the boom arm and out of a flexible hose at the end. This means the truck doesn’t need to be in the immediate pour area.

When would you use it?

  • Pouring concrete in high or hard-to-reach places. Need concrete on an upper floor? Over an existing fence? Boom pumps can overcome these obstacles with ease.
  • Large concrete pours. Boom pumps excel at pumping a high volume of concrete quickly. Perfect for big foundations or slabs.

Line Pumps – The Flexible Option

Line Pumps
  • What is a line pump? Line pumps are smaller and typically trailer-mounted. They use a system of hoses or pipes to transport concrete from the truck to the desired location.
  • How it works. Concrete is pumped through the connected hoses or pipelines. These hoses can flexibly manage tight corners and even inside buildings.

When would you use it?

  • Ground-level pours in tight spaces. Think back gardens, driveways, or pouring indoors. Line pumps navigate tight spaces, or areas with obstacles for you.
  • Smaller concrete pours. Line pumps are a great choice for projects needing less volume and easier manoeuvring.

Why Line Pumps and Volumetric Concrete Are a DIY Dream Team

Custom Concrete offers local supply of concrete using volumetric concrete trucks. These are the perfect solution for a DIY project. Unlike ready-mix concrete, volumetric trucks mix your concrete on-site, ensuring:

  • Only the exact quantity needed. No stressing over ordering too much or too little. This minimises waste and saves you money!
  • Ultimate freshness. Since the concrete is mixed right before pouring, you get the best possible workability, giving you more time to shape and smooth the perfect finish.

Now pair a volumetric mixer with a line pump, and you discover even more benefits:

  • Unmatched Accessibility. With hose lengths reaching up to 150 metres, a line pump gets your fresh concrete directly to your pour for garden features, driveways, and foundations.
  • Efficient Pours. Line pumps transport concrete rapidly, allowing you to complete DIY pours quickly. This is especially useful when you’re working with fresh concrete that has a shorter working window.
  • Minimised Clean-up. Since the line pump eliminates the need for wheelbarrows or other transport methods, you’ll have less mess to manage—a huge relief after a tough project.

The combination of a line pump and volumetric concrete means you get the perfect amount of freshly mixed concrete, delivered precisely where you need it, ensuring a smoother and more successful DIY experience.

Simplify Your Concrete Project – Pump Hire Made Easy at Custom Concrete

Getting the right concrete and the right equipment is essential for your construction project’s success. At Custom Concrete, we streamline the entire process, including pump hire, so you can focus on the build.

Need a line pump or a boom pump? We’ll guide you! Just let us know:

  • Reach – How far or high does the concrete need to go?
  • Mix – What type of concrete mix will you be using?
  • Quantity – How much concrete do you need pumped?

Why Choose Custom Concrete for Your Project?

Local Expertise: We deliver mix on-site concrete across Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire, and Hertfordshire with expert knowledge of the area.

Freshness Guaranteed: Our volumetric concrete mixers create your concrete on-site for optimal workability.

Stress-Free Ordering: The Custom Concrete calculator helps you get the right mix and volume of concrete for your job, and we can accommodate multiple batches in a single delivery.

Personalised Service: Our concrete specialists are ready to answer all your pump hire and concrete questions.

Ready to get started? Contact us today at 01525 861899 for volumetric concrete and concrete pump hire!

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