Why Hire a Concrete Pump?

Why Hire a Concrete Pump?

When Should You Hire a Concrete Pump?

As anyone who works in construction knows, achieving a flawless concrete pour is an art form, requiring a delicate balance of skill, precision, and planning. From securing adequate labour resources to ensuring precise delivery schedules, every aspect of the process demands careful consideration. But when does hiring a concrete pump become an essential element in this intricate dance?

At Custom Concrete, we’ve been specialists in site-mixed concrete since 2005, providing tailored solutions for projects of all sizes, from DIY enthusiasts to large-scale house builders. Our fleet of volumetric trucks has been instrumental in delivering the perfect pour for countless sites, and often, that includes the expertise of our concrete pump hire services

Discover how incorporating pump hire into your volumetric concrete order can streamline your construction project.

Why Hire a Concrete Pump When We’ve got Wheelbarrows?

While wheelbarrows are a staple on construction sites and have been used to achieve countless successful pours, they are labour-intensive, requiring up to 30 wheelbarrow loads to transport a single cubic meter of concrete. Fresh concrete also needs to be transported quickly to prevent it from curing prematurely.

Enter the concrete pump, a game-changer that revolutionises the concrete pouring process. These powerful machines can pump an average of one cubic meter of concrete per minute, significantly reducing the time and manpower required. If you’re facing a tight deadline or working on a large site, a concrete pump is an invaluable asset.

Why Hire a Concrete Pump When It’s Just a Small Project?

Concrete pumps have established themselves as indispensable tools in the construction industry, because they can adapt to projects of all sizes, including small ones. Just as volumetric trucks revolutionised concrete delivery, concrete pumps transform the concrete pouring process, offering unmatched efficiency and precision.

For small-scale projects, volumetric mixers ensure you receive the exact amount of concrete required, minimising waste and overage costs. Concrete pumps then step in to place the concrete exactly swiftly and accurately where it’s needed, eliminating the need for manual labour and wheelbarrows.

For larger projects demanding substantial concrete volumes, multiple pumps can be used to handle the increased workload, ensuring a continuous and efficient pour. Concrete pump hire provides a versatile solution that not only enhances the overall pouring process but also adapts to the unique demands of your project.

I Need a Concrete Pump – There’s No Access!

I Need a Concrete Pump – There’s No Access!

Imagine you’re renovating an older home, adding a second-storey extension above the existing garage. The challenge lies in transporting concrete to the upper level, as the narrow staircase is unsuitable for bulky wheelbarrows. In this situation, a concrete pump proves to be the only solution.

By strategically positioning the concrete pump outside the house, it can easily extend its boom through an open window, or a dedicated opening created for this purpose. Concrete is then swiftly pumped up to the second-story workspace, eliminating the need for manual labour and minimising the risk of spills or accidents.

Concrete pumps offer a lifeline in situations where direct access to the pour site is limited or impossible. Whether it’s navigating tight spaces, manoeuvring around obstacles, or reaching elevated areas, concrete pumps provide the flexibility and precision required for a successful pour.

What Type of Concrete Pump Do I Need?

At Custom Concrete we hire out the two basic concrete pumps, which are used in the vast majority of pours we facilitate. These are boom concrete pumps and line pumps:

  • Boom Concrete Pump. This is used when there’s a need to lift concrete over a wall or pour it from a height. It uses a remote-controlled hydraulic arm with piping attached. The concrete is elevated to the required height for the pour. The boom arm can reach up to 72 metres, and the concrete is kept agitated as it is poured.
  • Line Concrete Pump. A line pump is necessary for pours where it is difficult to get the volumetric truck close enough to the delivery point for the pour. Alternatively, it can be used for pours which need to be completely fast. The concrete is poured from the truck through pipes and hoses to the pour site. It is flexible enough to be able to navigate around obstacles and can reach up to 150 metres.

How to Hire a Concrete Pump

We like to keep the process simple. Customers can hire a line or boom pump at the same time as using our Custom Concrete Calculator to work out the volume and mix of concrete you require. We need to know 3 things:

  1. How far do you want to pump your concrete?
  2. What concrete mix will you be using?
  3. How much concrete will you be pumping?

If you have any queries about concrete pump hire, our friendly customer service team will be able to offer advice.

Working With Custom Concrete

We are a leading provider of volumetric concrete for Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire. We deliver fresh concrete, on site, mixed to your requirements. Our pump hire service guarantees that fresh concrete reaches its destination fast and efficiently.

Would you like to talk to one of our concrete specialists about pump hire, or volumetric concrete? Call us today on 01525 861899 or 07771 545410

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