Concrete Mix On-Site Services

Concrete Mix On-Site Services

Adding Value to On-Site Concrete Mixing

Concrete is a versatile and enduring building material, whether you’re constructing new properties or laying a patio in your garden. However, selecting the right concrete mix and delivery approach can significantly impact the overall quality, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness of your project. That’s where Custom Concrete mix on-site services, offered by a specialist, experienced team, can help.

Unlike ready-mixed concrete, which is pre-blended at a remote batching plant and transported to the site, on-site concrete mixing uses volumetric concrete mixers. These mobile batching units bring together all the necessary ingredients – cement, aggregate, and water – directly onto your project site. This approach offers a number of benefits to our customers that set it apart from ready-mixed concrete delivery:

  • Freshness and Quality Control. On-site mixing ensures that the concrete is blended just moments before use, minimising the time it spends on the road. This ensures that your concrete is absolutely fresh, resulting in a fresher, denser, and more resilient concrete mix. The risk of concrete quality being compromised by delays and hold-ups is, therefore, eradicated.
  • Customisable Mixes to Suit Your Project. With on-site mixing, you have the flexibility to tailor the concrete mix to the specific needs of your project. Our customer service team can offer guidance on the mix you need, when ordering, and should you need to make adjustments to the mix on-site, we’re happy to help with that too. Whether you need high-strength concrete for load-bearing structures or a more fluid mix for foundations, we can advise on the perfect blend for your project.
  • Reduced Transportation Costs. By mixing the concrete on-site, we eliminate the need to transport heavy loads from our batching plant to your location. This significantly reduces the transportation costs involved in the delivery of your order. It also reduces the environmental impact by minimising the miles covered, making on-site mixing an eco-friendly choice.
  • Greater Flexibility and Efficiency. On-site mixing provides unmatched flexibility in terms of batch size. We can accommodate smaller volumes of concrete or mix different batches in one delivery. This flexibility also ensures that we can tailor our delivery schedule to your project’s specific needs, minimising delays, and maximising efficiency.
  • Experienced and Reliable Service. With over a decade of experience in volumetric concrete delivery, Custom Concrete is your trusted partner for on-site concrete mixing services. Our team of experts is has the skills and experience to handle the volumetric concrete mixers, ensuring precise and consistent mixing every time.

Custom Concrete Mix On-Site Services

At every stage of the ordering, mixing, and pouring process, Custom Concrete offers value-add services that are designed to improve the quality of your concrete and your delivery experience.

Simple and Cost-Effective Ordering

All our customers are looking for ways to save money, and eliminating excess waste is an excellent place to start. The Custom Concrete Calculator allows customers to calculate the exact volume they’ll require for a project when ordering. This removes any concerns about waste concrete and guarantees that you’ll only pay for the concrete you use.

If you need advice or guidance when ordering, our knowledgeable Customer Service team can provide detailed responses to your questions.

Volumetric Concrete Delivery

Custom Concrete has a fleet of volumetric trucks that are able to supply small or large quantities of concrete to general builders, commercial sites, and DIY customers. We take every precaution to ensure that our deliveries are prompt, reliable and efficient. If we are delivering to a residential area, we will ensure that we have the access required in advance.

On-Site Concrete Mixing

On-Site Concrete Mixing

Our volumetric mixer trucks arrive equipped with advanced technology, enabling accurate and consistent dosing of each ingredient. This precision is crucial to ensure that the concrete meets the exact specifications required for your project.

Our experienced operators manage and oversee the mixing process, ensuring that each batch adheres to stringent quality standards. They monitor the mixture’s consistency, temperature, and flowability, ensuring that the concrete is ready for immediate use. This commitment to quality control ensures that you receive fresh, high-performance concrete, delivered directly to your project site, ready to pour and set.

Custom Concrete Pump Hire

Concrete pumps facilitate the concrete pour where direct access to the pour site is limited or difficult. Whether it’s managing a tight space, manoeuvring around obstacles, or reaching up to elevated sites, concrete pumps offer both flexibility and precision.

Custom Concrete pump hire offers boom concrete pumps and line pumps:

  • Line Concrete Pump. Used where it is difficult to get the volumetric truck close enough to the delivery point for the pour. Or it can be used for pours which need to be completed rapidly. The concrete is passed from the truck through pipes and hoses to the site of the pour. It has a reach of 150 metres and is flexible enough to navigate around obstacles.
  • Boom Concrete Pump. Used when there’s a need to lift concrete over a wall or pour it from a height. It operates using a remote-controlled hydraulic arm with piping attached. The boom arm can reach up to 72 metres, and the concrete continues to be agitated as it is poured.

Working With Custom Concrete

Custom Concrete mix on-site services provide fresh concrete, tailored to the needs of your project, delivered ready for the pour, exactly where it’s needed. As specialists in concrete supply, we can offer detailed guidance and FREE technical support on the most appropriate mix for your project.

If you would like more information about Custom Concrete mix on-site services, call our dedicated customer service team today on 01525 861899

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