How Does a Volumetric Concrete Mixer Work?

How Does a Volumetric Concrete Mixer Work?

How On-Site Concrete Mixing Trucks Deliver

Because we understand that no two projects are the same, Custom Concrete delivers tailor-made concrete solutions. Our volumetric concrete mixing allows us to customise both the volume and the exact mix you need, right on your Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, or Hertfordshire job site.

Tired of over-ordering ready-mix and watching your budget (and the environment) suffer? Curious to know ‘how does a volumetric concrete mixer work?’ to deliver fresh, perfectly mixed concrete every time? Keep reading to discover how volumetric trucks deliver to your requirements, and why they’re a smart choice for builders who value quality, sustainability, and bottom-line savings.

How Does a Volumetric Concrete Mixer Work?

A volumetric mixer is a mobile concrete plant that comes directly to your project site. It’s a specialised volumetric truck equipped with separate compartments, each holding the essential raw materials for concrete: sand, cement, aggregate, and water.

The volumetric mixer doesn’t just dump pre-mixed concrete; it precisely meters out each ingredient according to your exact specifications. This is where it differs from traditional methods – it’s not about mixing everything at once, but rather adding each component in the correct proportions to achieve the desired consistency and strength.

This approach, known as volumetric mixing, allows for onsite adjustments to account for weather, or site conditions. Need a slightly different mix for a specific application? No problem. We can tweak the recipe on-site to match your evolving needs.

This level of precision and flexibility not only guarantees the perfect concrete for your project but also minimises waste, making it an environmentally conscious choice.

From Raw Materials to Ready-to-Pour – The 5 Steps of Volumetric Concrete Mixing

The beauty of a volumetric mixer lies in its precision and adaptability. Here’s a simplified breakdown of how we transform raw ingredients into the exact concrete you need, right on your site:

1. Mix Design Selection – The control panel on the truck is calibrated and pre-programmed to provide the mixes required for the order. An experienced operator uses the menu to locate your mix design.

2. Calculating Quantities -The control panel does the heavy lifting, automatically determining the precise amounts of water, cement, and aggregate needed for your mix design. This ensures consistent quality and eliminates the guesswork.

3. Automated Controls – The volumetric mixer takes over, precisely adding each ingredient into the mixing chamber. This automated process guarantees accuracy and efficiency, minimising waste.

4. Mixing the Concrete – The mixing is done in the auger at the back of the truck. The operator begins the process, and the central conveyor brings forward the aggregate, cement, and water into the auger. The fresh concrete produced is designed to meet the exact requirements of the client.

5. Fresh Concrete is Poured – Finally, the freshly mixed concrete is discharged directly where you need it, whether it’s into wheelbarrows, concrete pumps, poured directly. The process can be repeated for as many different mixes as you need, ensuring your project stays on track.

What Are The Benefits of Volumetric Concrete Mixing for Construction Jobs?

What Are The Benefits of Volumetric Concrete Mixing for Construction Jobs?

Volumetric concrete mixers offer a range of unique benefits:

Flexibility and Customisation

With a volumetric mixer on-site, you have complete control over your concrete mix. Need to adjust the consistency due to unexpected weather conditions? No problem. Want to fine-tune the mix for different project phases? We’ve got you covered. This level of flexibility ensures you get the perfect concrete for every task, reducing the risk of costly delays or reworks.

Precision Ordering and Waste Reduction

Our Custom Concrete Calculator takes the guesswork out of ordering. By simply inputting your project dimensions and application, you’ll receive an accurate estimate of the exact volume of concrete needed. This means you only pay for what you use, minimising waste and saving you money.

Fresh, High-Quality Concrete, When You Need It

Volumetric mixing guarantees fresh concrete on demand. Unlike pre-mixed concrete, which can start to harden during transport, our on-site mixing ensures your concrete is at peak performance when it hits your project. This results in stronger, more durable structures and fewer long-term maintenance issues.

Cost-Effective for All Project Sizes

Whether you’re tackling a large-scale construction project or a small DIY job, volumetric mixing is the economical choice. We don’t penalise you for small loads because we only mix what you need, eliminating the extra costs associated with over-ordering and unused concrete.

Reduced Environmental Impact

By minimising waste and optimising local delivery routes, volumetric mixing significantly reduces the carbon footprint of your concrete supply. This makes it a sustainable choice for environmentally conscious builders.

Time and Money Savings

Our local volumetric concrete delivery cuts down on transport time and costs. Plus, the ability to mix multiple batches on-site eliminates the need for multiple deliveries, keeping your project on schedule and under budget.

Custom Concrete – Expertise You Can Trust

Volumetric concrete mixers are a powerful resource, but their full potential is unlocked by the people operating them. That’s where Custom Concrete’s dedicated team sets us apart.

Our skilled operators are concrete experts. They understand the technology, the chemistry of the mix designs, and how to adapt to the unique demands of each project. They’re your on-site partners, offering guidance and ensuring your concrete performs as you need it to.

Back at Head Office, our customer service team is available to provide personalised support, from helping you choose the right mix for your project to arranging pump hire and providing technical data. We’re committed to making your experience with volumetric concrete as smooth and successful as possible.


Our volumetric concrete mixers are equipped to carry up to 8.5m³ of raw materials, which translates to the same volume of fresh concrete. Our 8-wheeled trucks are 10 metres long, 2.5 metres wide, and 4 metres high, designed to manoeuvre efficiently on your project site.

Volumetric concrete mixing is a greener choice for several reasons:

  • Reduced Waste: Our Custom Concrete Calculator ensures precise ordering, so you only get the exact amount you need, minimising leftover concrete.
  • Lowered Emissions: Our mobile batching plants mix concrete on-site, eliminating unnecessary transport miles and reducing CO2 emissions.
  • Water Conservation: Volumetric mixers require significantly less water for cleaning compared to traditional drum mixers.
  • Eco-Friendly Cement: We use CEM-II eco-cement, which has a significantly lower carbon footprint than standard cement.

Absolutely not! We cater to projects of all sizes, from small DIY jobs to large-scale construction sites. We believe in delivering exactly what you need, no more, no less. There are no extra charges for smaller orders, so you only pay for the concrete you use.

We’ve got you covered. Custom Concrete offers convenient hire options for both line pumps and boom pumps, allowing you to reach even the most challenging pour locations with ease.

Contact us today for a free consultation and quote. Let’s discuss how our volumetric concrete mixing services can deliver the perfect concrete solution, tailored to your requirements.

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