How Does a Volumetric Concrete Mixer Work?

How Does a Volumetric Concrete Mixer Work?

A Closer Look at Volumetric Concrete Mixer Operations

Custom Concrete is a trusted supplier of volumetric concrete to the construction industry, residential projects, and DIYers in Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, and Hertfordshire. In order to maintain the efficiency of our service to customers, we use a volumetric concrete mixer to create site mixed concrete that’s fresh and ready to pour, where it’s needed.

How does a volumetric concrete mixer work, and why is it the most sustainable and cost-effective way to order concrete locally? Read on to understand more about concrete mixer functionality, and the cost benefits it provides for our clients.

What is a Volumetric Concrete Mixer?

What is a Volumetric Concrete Mixer?

The volumetric truck transports the raw materials for concrete mixing to the site where it is required. It is designed with separate compartments for sand, cement, aggregate and water.

When the truck is in position on site, the materials are added to the mixer in precise quantities, according to the desired concrete mix design. The mixer then blends the materials together using a rotating auger. The mixing process is continuous, so the concrete is always fresh and ready to use.

5 Steps to Create Volumetric Concrete

Here are the steps involved in how a volumetric concrete mixer works:

  • Mix Design Selection. The control panel on the truck is calibrated and pre-programmed to provide the mixes required for the order. An experienced Custom Concrete operator uses the menu to locate the mix design.
  • Calculating Quantities. The control panel on the truck displays the required settings for the water, cement, and aggregate.
  • Automated Controls. The materials required for the mix are then automatically added to the mixer in the correct quantities.
  • Mixing the Concrete. The mixing is done in the auger at the back of the truck. The operator begins the process, and the central conveyor brings forward the aggregate, cement, and water into the auger. The fresh concrete produced is mixed to the exact requirements of the client.
  • Fresh Concrete is Poured. The concrete is then discharged from the mixer and is ready to be used exactly where it is needed. Once the pour is complete, the process can be repeated for different mixes as many times as necessary.

The Benefits of Using A Volumetric Concrete Mixer

Volumetric concrete trucks are quite different from drum concrete mixers that transport ready-mixed concrete from a batching plant to a site for pouring. As such, they offer a number of benefits that are unique to their design and operational capabilities.

Construction sites depend on the efficiency of concrete delivery in order to maintain tight profit margins. Local volumetric concrete delivery saves time and money on transportation costs. Additionally, it’s possible to mix multiple batches as required, using the volumetric concrete mixer.

The Benefits of Using A Volumetric Concrete Mixer

The concrete volumetric trucks produce is mixed to the exact specifications of the client. It’s also possible to make tweaks to the concrete mix at the last minute. These may be necessitated by weather or site conditions; it’s often a minor adaptation that can improve the overall quality of the mix significantly.

Custom Concrete delivers to large construction sites, or small DIY projects. The size of the delivery makes no difference to us because we are carrying raw materials rather than mixed concrete. For this reason, we don’t charge a supplement for small loads.

Site mixed concrete helps clients to minimise waste. The Custom Concrete Calculator facilitates precision ordering. Once the dimensions of the job and the nature of the task (footings, slabs etc) are entered, the exact volume is calculated. This helps with the elimination of waste and makes our end product more sustainable.

Volumetric Concrete Requires a Skilled Workforce

Volumetric concrete mixers are a versatile and efficient way to produce concrete. They are ideal for a variety of projects, including residential, commercial, and industrial construction. Like any operating system, though, volumetric concrete mixers are only as good as their operators.

Custom Concrete employs a skilled workforce that understands the technology they’re working with, and the range of uses to which concrete can be put. Our operators offer expert guidance onsite and understand how to tweak mixes for optimal performance. Equally, our customer service team provides specialist advice on pumping hire, the right mix for your job, and technical data where required.


The Custom Concrete fleet is made up of volumetric concrete mixers, each one of which carries up to 8.5m³. Our 8 wheeled trucks are 10 metres long, 2.5 metres wide and 4 metres high.

The mobile batching plant minimises delivery journeys and pre-ordering using the Custom Calculator minimises waste We use CEM-II eco-cement which significantly reduces the carbon footprint of the cement production.. Volumetric mixers require far less water for washing down than the agitator trucks that carry ready-mixed concrete.

No. We deliver to any size of job, and we don’t charge a surcharge on smaller orders. Our priority is to ensure that our customers get exactly the amount of concrete they need, and that waste is eradicated.

Custom Concrete hires out Line Pumps, or Boom Pumps if you need to reach over obstacles or pour from above.

Working With Custom Concrete

The Custom Concrete team care about delivering for their clients. Our customer service specialists are always available to offer advice and guidance. Technical advice is freely available upon request. Our volumetric concrete trucks are 10 metres long, 2.5 metres wide and 4 metres highThey have a good reach but if you need line or boom pumps, we provide concrete pump hire.

Would you like to order volumetric concrete from Custom Concrete? Book a slot today by calling today on 01525 861899, or by contacting us online.

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