Concrete Pump Hire Bedfordshire

Concrete Pump Hire Bedfordshire

Custom Concrete Offers Concrete Pump Hire in Bedfordshire

Custom Concrete customers choose our mixed on site concrete services because they’re efficient and cost-effective. Using our Custom Concrete Calculator, sites can order exactly the amount required. The concrete is delivered on site, and mixed to match the specifics of the job. We provide fresh concrete, created where it is needed, with no waste, and no over-ordering.

Why Choose Concrete Pump Hire?

Custom Concrete volumetric trucks are 10 metres long, 2.5 metres wide and 4 metres high. They have an excellent reach but not all the sites we deliver to across Bedfordshire have the ease of access required for a straight pour in to the slab, or footing. Where this is the case, we offer concrete pump hire to facilitate a fast, efficient delivery of your concrete to its destination.

Builders on the Benefits of Pump Hire

Using a concrete pump on site solves access problems and expedites concrete installation. For the majority of builders we work with it is their preferred option. Advantages cited include:

  • Speed. A concrete pump is fast which means the concrete remains fresh.
  • Reach. The reach pipes are long enough to navigate obstacles, and provide easy access.
  • Clean. So much easier and cleaner than using a wheelbarrow to transport concrete.
  • Efficient. You save time, increase productivity, and it can be operated by a small team.

What Kind of Concrete Pump Should I Hire?

Custom Concrete offers two types of concrete pump; the concrete line pump, and the concrete boom pump. Whatever the access problem you encounter on site, one of these pumps is guaranteed to provide the solution you need.

Concrete Line Pump

The line pump is made up of a number of connected pipes which can be used to navigate obstacles and achieve fast concrete delivery. Once the concrete is mixed on site it is channelled into the pump’s hopper. Once discharged it is pumped through the pipes to the desired location. This economic, and efficient pump guarantees fast, clean delivery of your concrete.

Concrete Boom Pump

If your concrete requires delivery in a particularly tight spot, requiring drop delivery from above, the boom pump is ideal. It has a hydraulic arm which facilitates the lifting and placing of pipes where access is difficult. Boom pumps are used in the construction of high rise buildings, or in buildings where access is extremely restricted.

How to Hire a Concrete Pump From Custom Concrete

Ordering concrete pump hire in Bedfordshire is simple. Just call or contact Custom Concrete to let us know how far you need to pump your concrete, what type of concrete you will be using, and the amount of concrete you need. We deliver to commercial and residential sites across Bedfordshire. If you need technical guidance, or advice, our friendly customer service team will be happy to help.

Do you require concrete pump hire to deliver your mixed on site concrete fast and efficiently? Call Custom Concrete to let us know what you need – 01525 861899

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