Mixed On Site Concrete

Mixed On-Site Concrete

Cost-Effective Mixed On-Site Concrete

Costs are soaring for the UK construction industry, which means that every penny counts when it comes to buying concrete. No matter the size of the project you are planning for, it is worth considering whether the type of concrete you use is providing you with the best value over all. At Custom Concrete we supply mixed on-site concrete which, we would argue, is the most cost-effective option currently available.

What is Mixed On-Site Concrete?

Mixed on-site concrete arrives as raw materials in a volumetric mixing truck, and is freshly mixed, on site, for immediate pouring. The mixing truck stores sand, cement, water, stone, and additives separately. Once the volumetric mixer is programmed, the ratio of ingredients required for the mix is dispensed to achieve the right consistency for the job.

5 Economic Benefits of Working With Site Mixed Concrete

At every stage of the ordering, mixing, and pouring process, site mixed concrete offers efficiencies that can impact positively on your budgeting.

1. Efficient Ordering With an Online Calculator

The Custom Concrete Calculator helps you to work out exactly how much concrete you will need for a job, taking into account the mix you require. Any further guidance can be provided by our Customer Service team who are very knowledgeable and can provide detailed responses to any questions you may have.

Ordering the exact volume of concrete you need, and the right mix for the job, eradicates waste, which is great news for your budget.

2. Volumetric Trucks Minimise Transport Risks

When we send one of our fleet of volumetric trucks out, our priority is to arrive for the time slot booked by our client. Even if our driver is delayed by an accident or queueing, we know that the concrete will still be top-quality, even if we have to call ahead to warn of the delay. Because mixed on-site concrete is freshly prepared where it’s needed, there’s no worry that a batch may be spoiled by transport hiccups.

Clients can depend on site-mixed concrete to be top-quality every time.

3. Last Minute Tweaks to Your Order

However carefully you plan, unexpected weather events or changes to the conditions on site can impact on your concrete delivery. At Custom Concrete we understand that all kinds of environmental conditions can alter your order slightly. If you need tweaks made to the mix or the volume of your concrete delivery, we will be happy to oblige.

Site mixed concrete allows for changes to the mix, to adapt to weather conditions, or tweaks to volume required.

4. We Deliver to Jobs Large or Small

If you need concrete for a small job, such as DIY paving for example, you may find yourself paying a surcharge for a half load if you order ready-mixed concrete. Volumetric trucks, by contrast, make no distinction between large and small jobs. We deliver to residential clients who need small quantities of concrete, and to construction sites. Our 8 wheeled trucks are capable of carrying up to 8.5m³ per load.

Custom Concrete does not impose a surcharge on delivery of small quantities of concrete.

5. There is No Waste to Dispose Of

At every stage of the process, from ordering through to tweaking orders on delivery, Custom Concrete works diligently to remove any waste. Once your concrete is poured, therefore, there should be absolutely no excess concrete to dispose of. Which means that there will be no hidden cost involving payment for disposal of ‘builders’ waste’.

Custom Concrete works to eradicate waste, and therefore inhibits over-ordering and eradicates disposal fees.

Working With Custom Concrete

The team at Custom Concrete take pride in offering their customers concrete that is mixed on site to their specific requirements. As specialists in concrete supply, we can offer detailed guidance and FREE technical support on the most appropriate mix for your project.

If you would like more information about Custom Concrete mixed on-site concrete, call our dedicated customer service team today on 01525 861899

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