Onsite Concrete Mixing

Onsite Concrete Mixing

7 Ways Onsite Concrete Mixing Maximises Your Budget

Whatever the size of your construction job, budgeting matters. Concrete is likely to be key to your operation, so finding the best quality concrete, for the best price available will undoubtedly have an impact on your budget. If you are wondering whether onsite concrete mixing benefits your budget, as well as your pour, read on.

What is Onsite Concrete Mixing?

There are several different ways to order concrete for a construction project, but onsite concrete mixing offers the greatest cost efficiencies. Here is how it works:

  • Use the Custom Concrete Calculator to work out exactly how much concrete you require for your job. You can order multiple batches if required.
  • Book in a delivery slot.
  • One of Custom Concrete’s volumetric trucks will deliver the raw materials to your site and mix your concrete fresh for pouring.
  • If the order volume, or concrete mix need to be tweaked slightly, we can adjust on site.

Our mobile batching plants produce top quality concrete, ready to pour, exactly where you require it.

7 Ways Onsite Concrete Mixing Saves You Money

The Custom Concrete team sees daily the savings made available by using onsite concrete mixing. Want to know what they are?

Here are 7 ways that mix on site concrete maximises your budget:

1. Forget Waste

Onsite concrete mixing hands back control to our clients. The Custom Concrete calculator allows you to work out the exact amount of concrete you will need for your job, and that is what we will deliver. If tweaks in volume need to be made on the day, we can easily manage those for you.

2. Bespoke Concrete Mix

Our volumetric concrete trucks keep the concrete materials separate until arrival. The concrete is then mixed to the exact consistency you need. If your requirements change, part way into the job, we can adapt easily. So, there is no concern about whether the concrete you have ordered is fit for the job; we provide what you need, when you need it.

3. Freshly Mixed Concrete

Our customers appreciate the fact that the concrete they use has been mixed only minutes before pouring. It is also exempt from the hazards implicit in pre-mixed concrete. When concrete is being transported in a drum mixer, there is always the chance of hold-ups which could result in the concrete going off, and costly delays incurred.

4. Batch Concrete Mixing

Think of our volumetric trucks as mobile batching plants. If you need more than one mix, we will manage the process for you. Custom Concrete onsite mixing removes the need for storage, and cuts down online ordering. Our staff are friendly and knowledgeable. All you need to do is let them know what you require and when, and they will do the rest.

5. No Part Load Charges

Where ready mixed concrete is being delivered, there will usually be a charge if the amount required is less than a full load. Because volumetric trucks deliver the raw ingredients for site mixed concrete, the volume you order makes no difference to us, Custom Concrete does not charge extra for smaller deliveries.

6. No Waste to Dispose Of

Custom Concrete allows you to order exactly the amount of concrete you need. Once the delivery is complete, there is no waste to get rid of. One of the hidden costs of concrete delivery is ‘builders’ waste’ disposal costs. We do everything we can to ensure that waste is eradicated in our order and delivery cycle.

7. Pump Hire

Many of our clients save on pump hire as the Custom Concrete trucks have excellent reach. If, however, the site is difficult to access, or there is limited access for pouring, we can arrange line or boom pump hire. This ensures that your fresh concrete is poured efficiently and fast, exactly where you need it.

A Sustainable Concrete From Custom Concrete

We are all on the look out for more sustainable solutions, and Custom Concrete is playing its part by providing Eco Cement to clients.  We are now using CEM-II which substitutes 10-20% of raw limestone materials, for burnt limestone. This substantially reduces the carbon dioxide emissions. As the production of CEM-II is cheaper than CEM I, we hope that it will allow us to keep our price rises to a minimum.

Working With Custom Concrete

We are an established provider of mixed on site concrete across Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire. Clients simply let us know what mix and quantity of concrete they require, and the Custom Concrete team do the rest.

Would you like to talk to one of our concrete specialists about a site mixed concrete order? Call us today on 01525 861899

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