Freshly Mixed Concrete

Freshly Mixed Concrete

Why Freshly Mixed Concrete Achieves Seamless Delivery

Laying concrete can sometimes feel like a tightrope act. The mix must be right, transportation needs to be incident free, the weather is required to behave and the on site pour needs precision and accuracy. The logistics of managing concrete from ordering through to curing require professional skills and steady nerves.

At Custom Concrete a large part of the work we do is about minimising the risks that can affect concrete delivery. OK, so we are unable to hold back rain or snow, but – barring the weather – we have created a logistical operation that is as seamless as possible. This means that when a construction manager, or DIYer places an order for freshly mixed concrete, we can pretty much guarantee a perfect delivery process.

Delivering Risk-Free Freshly Mixed Concrete

There is so much that can go wrong with laying concrete, that it is a wonder the task is ever achieved in a trouble-free way. The aim of the Custom Concrete team is to remove as many of the potential pitfalls as possible, in order to achieve maximum success rates. There are 4 ways that we manage this:

1. Mixed On Site Concrete

Concrete is delivered to a site in one of two ways. It can either be mixed in transit, or mixed on site immediately prior to use. Ready mixed concrete achieves a level of time efficiency but vastly increases the potential pitfalls. If there is a traffic jam, concrete batched at a central plant could turn up solid. At best it will need to be mixed again with water added to achieve the state required.

Site mixed concrete arrives in volumetric trucks in its raw state. The concrete components are freshly mixed once the truck is in prime position, or the concrete pump is set up. The concrete achieved couldn’t be more fresh and there’s always only one mix for each batch.

2. Overcoming Rain, Drizzle and Downpours

There is no standard mix for concrete. The blend of components alters depending on the job, and the conditions in which it is being used. If you pour in icy conditions there is a danger ice could form in the mix. Alternatively, if the weather is too hot, the concrete may not hydrate properly in the curing process.

Typically, in Britain, the problem is rain. If we have a job booked in on a rainy day we always have the option of changing the consistency of the mix to allow for the weather conditions. The Custom Concrete team are experienced professionals who can provide skilled guidance on these matters.

3. Transporting Your Freshly Mixed Concrete On Site

Once concrete is mixed it needs to be efficiently transported to its final destination for the curing process to begin. Custom Concrete will always try to position our trucks in the optimum location for the pour. If you have a site beset with obstacles, or you need to pour from above, we offer boom and line pump hire to facilitate the rapid transport of freshly mixed concrete.

4. Multiple Batches

One of the logistical problems we solve regularly is the requirement for multiple batching. The way we transport and mix concrete means that we can offer a flexibility when it comes to mixing which other forms of transportation are unable to achieve. Suppose your mix needs tweaking on site, or you need 3 different types of concrete. The Custom Concrete team can achieve this quickly and easily.

Working With Custom Concrete

We are a trusted provider of mixed on site concrete across Bedfordshire, Hertforshire and Buckinghamshire. The Custom Concrete Calculator allows customers to work out in advance what materials are needed in order to eradicate waste. Just let us know what mix you need and we will deliver freshly mixed concrete to your site when and where it is required.

Would you like to talk to one of our concrete specialists about site mixed concrete? Call us today on 01525 861899 or 07771 545410

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