Why Concrete Mixed On Site is Preferable

Why Concrete Mixed On-Site is Preferable

There are many different ways to order concrete, and much discussion as to which method is the best. At Custom Concrete we tend to hold our collective tongue as the debates rage on. Our evidence for why concrete mixed on-site is preferable mostly comes from our clients. Once they have used site mixed concrete for a project, they tend to prefer it going forward – and their feedback tells us why.

In this blog, we report on what our customers have to say regarding why concrete mixed on-site is preferable.

On Site Mixing is Cost-Effective

There is no waste with site mixed concrete, because you pay only for what you use. Customers tell us that being able to use the Custom Concrete calculator to work out in advance how much they need removes some of the stress of ordering. Then, to have the exact amount you need mixed on site, without any waste, is an obvious cost saving.

Volumetric Trucks Keep the Site Clean and in Order

Custom Concrete customers tell us that storing cement raw materials on site is more trouble than it is worth. A volumetric truck is a mobile batching plant, with all the mess of mixing contained. Batches are mixed, poured to where they are needed, and then the trucks roll on to the next client.

“Had 5.5 m3 delivered yesterday. The driver was great in no time at all was barrowed into my new base, site was left very clean and tidy. will certainly use again on my next project”

– Bill Webb

Customer consensus is that mixed on-site concrete is a cost-effective and efficient way to order, which increases productivity on site.

Site Mixed Concrete Provides the Flexibility Construction Requires

When you work in construction, nothing is straightforward. So, you need suppliers who understand the nature of your job and can support you. Volumetric concrete fits the bill. The supplier is on site with you and can make tweaks to the batch size and specifications if you need them. Custom Concrete works with its customers to achieve the best outcomes.

Fresh Concrete is the Ideal for Construction

The quality of concrete is determined by its workability. Fresh concrete has the best workability in that it is easy to pour, form and finish and there is no separation of the ingredients. Volumetric trucks carry the raw ingredients separately to the site where the concrete is required. Once in place, the concrete is mixed and then poured straight away.

Concrete is Mixed How You Want it

Custom Concrete always mixes to the exact requirements for the site. If you need different batches in one site visit, you simply make the request, and it will be managed for you. The mixing is fast, and the Custom Concrete staff are specialists.

“Excellent service. My first experience with having a large volume of concrete being poured. Couldn’t have been less stressful, was done within 15 minutes of arrival. Would recommend them 100%”.

– Steve Gibbons

Having experts delivering your concrete offers a level of support which isn’t present with other kinds of concrete delivery. Which is why concrete mixed on-site is preferable.

Volumetric Concrete is Perfect for Small Jobs

Custom Concrete delivers to any size of job large or small, and our customers appreciate the fact that there’s no surcharge on a small order. Our volumetric truck will get as close as we can to your site but if you need extra reach, or if you need to pump from above, we have line and boom pumps for hire. These ensure that you can pour your freshly mixed concrete immediately.

Custom Concrete Specialists are On-Hand to Help Out

We take customer service seriously at Custom Concrete. That is why our specialists are on hand to provide guidance and advice when you order. We can also help with technical advice on the best mix for your requirements, and we provide technical date if needed. We always tell our customers – “Just Ask” – we will always lend a hand if we can.

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