Eco Cement

Eco Cement

News About Our Eco Cement Launch

It has been a difficult year for the construction industry. The confluence of increased demand post pandemic and stretched global supply chains has led to widescale price increases across the board. Custom Concrete, like every other supplier has found itself having to increase prices for customers – something we are never keen to do.

We are pleased, therefore, to be able to announce a good news story for customers as we move towards the end of 2021. In order to reduce our carbon footprint, and keep price rises to a minimum, Custom Concrete will be replacing CEM-I Ordinary Portland Cement with CEM-II Eco Cement. This makes us the first company in the area to be offering a green alternative to traditional cement.

What is CEM-II Eco Cement?

CEM-I Portland Cements are created by burning silica materials and limestone at high temperatures in a kiln to produce clinker. This results in the production of harmful carbon dioxide emissions as the materials burn. CEM-II products substitute 10-20% of raw limestone materials, for the burnt limestone. This substantially reduces the carbon dioxide emissions.

Benefits to Custom Concrete Customers

Water has the highest consumption rate across the globe, and concrete comes a close second. Eco cement reduces the CO² emissions created in its production, which dramatically decreases the overall contribution made by the construction industry. Custom Concrete customers will, therefore, be playing a part in reducing global warming, and reducing the carbon footprint of their industry.

Secondly, the costs of manufacturing CEM-II is cheaper than CEM-I. It is our hope that whilst the price of CEM-I is set to continue to rise well into 2022, our choice to use CEM-II will allow us to keep our price rises to a minimum.

Is CEM-II Eco Cement Equivalent in Strength?

We know that the first question our customers will have is about the comparative quality of the two products. Our supplier has carried out extensive trials on CEM-II and is satisfied that the quality is wholly comparable with CEM-I. The Custom Concrete team has also carried out trials and the results have been excellent.

We are pleased to announce that our trials demonstrate eco cement performs as well if not better than our current cement.

About Working with Custom Concrete

Custom Concrete is a trusted provider of mixed on site concrete across Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire. The Custom Concrete Calculator allows our customers to work out in advance what materials are needed, which helps to cut down on waste. Just let us know what mix you require, and the Custom Concrete team will deliver freshly mixed concrete to your site when and where it is required.

Would you like to talk to one of our concrete specialists about the use of eco cement in site mixed concrete? Call us today on 01525 861899 or 07771 545410

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