Site-Mixed Concrete Suppliers for Harpenden

Site-Mixed Concrete Suppliers for Harpenden

Freshly Mixed Concrete For Commercial and Residential Jobs

If you’re in search of site-mixed concrete suppliers for Harpenden, Custom Concrete is a great choice. We ensure prompt delivery and offer freshly made concrete on-site, immediately available for pouring.

Whether you’re a residential client looking to lay foundations for a garden room, or a commercial construction site in need of a mixed-batch delivery, you can count on the Custom Concrete team to get the job done with precision and efficiency.

What is Site-Mixed Concrete?

Also known as volumetric concrete, site-mixed concrete, is transported in a specialised truck as raw materials. When the truck is positioned on-site, it transforms into a mobile batching plant capable of producing freshly mixed concrete, ready to pour. The truck can be set to mix several batches throughout the day, each tailored to provide the exact consistency required for the task at hand.

“Excellent service, driver was prompt, helpful and friendly. First time I’ve used Custom Concrete but wouldn’t hesitate to use them again and recommend to anyone.”

– James Peston

5 Benefits of Site-Mixed Concrete

As established site-mixed concrete suppliers for Harpenden, Custom Concrete is well aware that our customers require high-quality concrete, excellent customer services and affordable prices. Our local reputation confirms that we deliver on these requirements, and a few more as well.

1. Simple and Efficient Ordering

To get the best value from your concrete supplier, you need an accurate and reliable ordering process. Customers in Harpenden use the Custom Concrete Calculator. By selecting the type of job and entering the necessary measurements, they receive an accurate calculation of the volume to order.

If you require any assistance or guidance, Custom Concrete has a team of knowledgeable customer service representatives available to answer any queries you may have in detail.

2. We Deliver to Any Size of Job

With a volumetric concrete mixer capable of holding 8.5m², we frequently deliver to large construction sites in and around Harpenden. However, we are equally able to deliver to DIYers or residential builders who require only a small quantity of concrete. As we transport only raw materials, it is no problem for us to adjust the volume, whether scaling up or down. This means that we do not impose a surcharge on smaller orders.

3. You Only Pay For What You Use

Our customers choose site-mixed concrete because it guarantees that no waste is generated in the process. The use of volumetric trucks used to mix and pour fresh concrete ensures that the precise volume ordered is delivered, leaving no room for excess waste. Our Harpenden clients only pay for the concrete they require, and there is no surplus to dispose of once the job is complete.

4. Your Concrete Mix Can Be Tweaked

It’s not unusual for Custom Concrete drivers to be delivering to Harpenden sites in the middle of a heatwave or driving rain. Weather impacts the strength and finish of concrete; heat can cause it to start the curing process faster than normal, leading to shrinkage and cracking; rain falling onto freshly laid concrete can weaken the mix.

If possible, we avoid deliveries in extreme weather, in order not to compromise on quality. If, however, this is not possible, Custom Concrete drivers can help by offering tweaks to the concrete mix to allow for the conditions in which the pour will happen. This maintains the quality of the concrete, despite the elements in which it occurs.

5. Our Site-Mixed Concrete is Sustainable

Our customers are looking for a more sustainable concrete product, and we are delighted to be able to deliver on this. We have replaced CEM-I Ordinary Portland Cement with CEM-II Eco CementThis has been proven to reduce the carbon footprint of our concrete we produce; without affecting the quality and strength in any way. It also helps us to keep price rises to a minimum.

Why Choose Custom Concrete?

Customers who have chosen Custom Concrete as their site-mixed concrete suppliers for Harpenden know that we deliver value for money. The team at Custom Concrete offers customers concrete that is freshly mixed on site to their specific requirements. As local specialists in concrete supply, we are able to offer detailed guidance and FREE technical support on the most appropriate mix for your project.

If you would like more information about Custom Concrete site-mixed concrete suppliers for Harpenden, call our dedicated customer service team today on 01525 861899

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