Why Investing in On-Site Mixed Concrete Pays Off

Why Investing in On-Site Mixed Concrete Pays Off

Why Volumetric Concrete is Budget-Friendly

Construction materials need to strike the perfect balance between quality, durability, and cost-effectiveness. Which is why on-site mixed concrete is worth investing in for your next project. Also known as volumetric concrete, on-site mixed concrete is prepared fresh, directly before your pour. Custom Concrete delivers the raw materials and then blends them to create your selected mix.

A major advantage of working with on-site mixed concrete is that there is no danger of it beginning to cure before it is poured. This provides optimum workability and increases the potential for getting the pour just right. Want to know what other advantages site mixed concrete provides for construction projects? Read on as the Custom Concrete team takes you through the top 4 ways on site mixed concrete can benefit your budget.

4 Ways On-Site Mixed Concrete is Budget-Friendly

On construction sites, every material purchase needs to earn its keep. It is not enough for concrete to be high quality; it also needs to prove its credentials in terms of the budget. Here are 4 ways that volumetric concrete achieves this.

1. Volumetric Concrete Eradicates Waste

Waste is a blight that the construction industry is constantly fighting. Volumetric mixers are key to this battle. Once they have delivered the raw materials on site, they become mobile batching plants with a mission to eradicate waste. Each batch is precision programmed to provide the exact volume required for your pour.

Volumetric trucks can carry up to 8.5m³ per load which makes them the perfect choice for projects of any size. It makes no difference to us whether the pour is large or small as it is only the raw materials that we carry. This means that we do not add a surcharge to smaller orders – another cost saving for our customers.

2. We Tweak The Mix in Real Time

Custom Concrete customers make their order in advance using the Custom Concrete Calculator. This accurately calculates the precise volume required, taking into account both the nature of the job, and the type of mix used. That’s not the end of the story though. We all know that construction site conditions are dependent on weather conditions, and last-minute adjustments. Mix on-site concrete allows for real-time flexibility.

On-Site Mixed Concrete - 2. We Tweak The Mix in Real Time

The ability to adapt to conditions as they occur, puts our customers into the driving seat. Working as a team, Custom Concrete operators will tweak the amount of concrete produced, and the mix, to align with the operating environment. So, there is no unused concrete to be disposed of, which not only keeps harmful chemical components away from the environment but also maintains a tight grip on your project expenses.

3. Ensure the Freshest Material for Your Pour

On-site mixed concrete guarantees fresh concrete for your pour. Your chosen blend is created exactly where you need it in order to optimise rapid transport to its destination. Custom Concrete can also provide concrete pump hire to expedite the pour on sites with specific challenges to overcome.

Why does freshness matter? Well, concrete is at its prime when it’s fresh. That means your crew can pour and shape it just the way they want. There’s ample time before it starts to settle and harden, which translates to flawless finishes and impressive structural strength.

4. Consistent Quality Across Batches

Volumetric concrete trucks can provide multiple batches within one delivery. With this in mind, it’s crucial that each batch achieves same level of consistency to uphold the structural integrity. On-site mixed concrete offers the flexibility to fine-tune the composition in real-time, ensuring consistent quality for each and every pour.

As the raw materials are fed into our volumetric mixers, our operators can adjust the ingredient proportions, tailoring them to achieve that perfect consistency for each batch. If a site manager asks concrete that flows a bit more freely, we can achieve this by adjusting the water content. Our operators have years of experience and work as skilled collaborators on your pour.

Working With Custom Concrete

Custom Concrete is an established provider of mixed on-site concrete for Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire. Our customers simply let us know what mix and volume of concrete is required, and the Custom Concrete team will do the rest.

Our knowledgeable customer service team is always on hand to offer guidance and advice when you place your order.​ They provide technical support on the most appropriate mix for your project and will supply technical data if and when required.

Would you like to talk to one of our concrete specialists about an on-site mixed concrete delivery? Call us today on 01525 861899

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