Volumetric Concrete Calculator

Volumetric Concrete Calculator

Calculating How Much Concrete You Need

“How much concrete do I need?” – it’s a question that lies at the heart of every construction project large or small. Vast amounts of concrete are used on construction sites daily across the UK and getting the volume wrong can hold up a job, which reduces the profit margin, or incur waste, with the same result. That is why Custom Concrete has an online concrete calculator for its customers’ use.

How Does a Concrete Calculator Work?

All the best ideas are simple, practical ones – and that describes the way the concrete calculator works. It has one task, to work out how much concrete is needed to complete a construction project. It does this by making an exact calculation, based on the kind of mix you need, and the size of the job. Best of all, a concrete calculator has no ‘off’ days, so you can always depend on the accuracy of the results it comes up with.

How Much Concrete? Using the Concrete Calculator

These are the steps that the Custom Concrete Calculator will take you through to determine the volume and quantity of concrete required.

  • Select Kind of Job. Select the kind of job you will be using the concrete for: footings, slabs or circular.
  • Measurements. Enter the measurements of the area by length, width and depth or height in meters, centimetres, millimetres, or yards, feet, and inches.
  • Calculation. Once the measurements are entered, you press calculate and you’ll receive the exact volume you need.
  • Details. You’ll then be asked what the service is you need, the strength you require and the mode of delivery. In each case there are dropdowns to prompt you through the process.
  • Message. If you need more information, or have a query there is a message box you can fill in.
  • Completion. Our customer service team will get back to you promptly to go through the order. They will be able to confirm the amount you need for your project.

Why Use a Concrete Calculator?

Custom Concrete are suppliers of volumetric concrete in Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, and Hertfordshire. Our customers look to us for reliable customer service, prompt and efficient mix on site services, and no waste. The Custom Concrete Calculator helps with all three of these:

1. Elimination of Waste

Making accurate manual calculations as to how much concrete is required for a job is really tough. The Concrete Calculator takes any potential error out of the process, ensuring that there is no over or under ordering. Volumetric concrete is freshly mixed on site, so if the volume needs to be tweaked, we can do it accurately, without creating waste.

2. Delivery Efficiency

When you are able to calculate the exact amount of concrete required for a job, you can order with confidence and cut down on the number of deliveries required. Custom Concrete volumetric trucks carry up to 8.5m³ per load. They become mobile batching plants on site, so multiple mixes can be delivered in one trip.

3. Reliable Customer Service

Our customer service team know about concrete and can help with any queries customers have when ordering. This cuts down on inaccuracies and ensures that everything that is required for a job is included in the order. We provide concrete pump hire (line and boom) and our service team can talk through the mix that would best suit the requirements of the job.

4. Save Money on Ordering

Ordering efficiently, using a Concrete Calculator, eliminates waste and saves money, as does having the right mix for the job, delivered promptly in one journey. There is no cause for workers to be kept hanging around between deliveries, and there is no waste to dispose of once the job is complete.

Working With Custom Concrete

Custom Concrete is a long established, independent supplier of volumetric concrete. Our concrete specialists mix fresh concrete, on site, bespoke to your requirements and deliver to jobs of any size or location. The Custom Concrete Calculator guarantees accurate ordering, and our delivery service ensures that fresh concrete reaches its destination fast and efficiently.

Would you like to talk to one of our volumetric concrete specialists about ordering from us? Call us today on 01525 861899.

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