Concrete Pumping Hire

Concrete Pumping Hire

5 FAQs on Concrete Pumping Hire

Custom Concrete is best known as a specialist provider of site mixed concrete, but it is not the only service we provide to customers. Our aim is always to provide freshly-made concrete and get it directly to where it is needed as fast as possible – that way we lock in the product benefits. Concrete pumping hire is one of the ways we achieve this.

We provide our customers with a specialist customer service team who are always available to support customers ordering volumetric concrete, or to offer technical support. They regularly get questions about our concrete pumping hire, so we are sharing the 5 most common customer queries, and the responses we provide:

1. What Kind of Concrete Pumps do you Have?

The most common challenges our clients encounter are obstacles on the site, or the need to pour concrete from a height – over garden walls, or hedges, for example. We provide 2 types of concrete pump, to overcome these problems:

  • Line Pump. This is a simple and highly effective way to move concrete horizontally. A series of pipes are connected to the volumetric truck; these create a continuous pipe which can be extended to the length required. Aline pump allows for the navigation any obstacles on site, and it deliver mix on-site concrete exactly where it is required. We recommend line pump hire particularly for residential sites.
  • Boom Pump. Featuring a hydraulic arm that reaches over obstructions, or houses, the boom pump is an ideal solution when freshly mixed concrete is required on difficult to reach spaces. The boom pump is agile, remote controlled, and can reach over walls, or other obstacles to pour concrete without having to resort to endless trips with a wheelbarrow.

2. What Information do you Need When I Book Concrete Pump Hire?

Apart from the basics of who you are and where the job is, we will need to know the distance your boom or line pump will need to extend in order to pump your site mixed concrete. We will also ask what kind of concrete you require. This will depend on whether you are laying slabs, footers etc, and the Custom Concrete team can give guidance on this. Finally, our Custom Concrete Calculator can be used to determine the volume you will need for your project.

3. Why Not Use Wheelbarrows?

If your site is easy to navigate and you have plenty of people around to transport your mix on site concrete, then wheelbarrows can be a viable option. The choice to use wheelbarrows rather than a line or boom pump depends on what your time pressure is, and whether you can afford to use site labour in this way. Concrete pump hire will speed up delivery, eliminate the waste that naturally occurs when transporting manually, and frees up your work force to get on with other tasks.

4. Why Do I Need To Supply A Bag Of Concrete?

This question refers to the request we make of our pump hire customers to supply a bag of concrete on site. The reason we ask for this is to ensure that your concrete pumps freely right from the start. In order to guarantee this, we use concrete and water to form a grout which is pumped in front of the concrete. It lines the pipes and prevents any blockages.

5. What Access Do You Need?

Custom Concrete operates a fleet of 8 wheeled volumetric trucks that can carry up to 8.5m³ per load. Each truck is 10 metres long, 2.5 metres wide, and 4 metres high. These are heavy vehicles and we make it a rule only to access sites under instruction from our customers. We require a firm, smooth surface for the approach to the drop point.

When arranging access for residential sites, we plan carefully with clients in advance, in order to ensure we can get as close as possible to the site of the pour. Concrete pumping hire may provide a solution where it is difficult to access the property easily.

Working With Custom Concrete Pump Hire

We are a leading provider of mix on site concrete, operating across Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire. We provide batches of fresh concrete, mixed to your requirements. Custom Concrete can mix multiple batches for different jobs in the course of one site visit. Our concrete pump hire service ensures that freshly mixed concrete is poured as soon quickly as possible after it has been mixed.

Would you like to talk to one of our concrete specialists about site mixed concrete pumping hire? Call us today on 01525 861899

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