Mix On-Site Concrete Delivery in Toddington

Mix On-Site Concrete Delivery in Toddington

Local Site-Mixed Concrete Delivery

Custom Concrete is an established volumetric concrete supplier in Bedfordshire, with a reputation for industry expertise, and excellent customer service. We provide mix on-site concrete delivery in Toddington and to locations across the south of the county. As an independent business, we take pride in our prompt delivery and efficient on-site mixing, no matter the size of the job.

Volumetric or Ready-Mix Concrete?

Volumetric and ready-mix concrete are two different methods of concrete production and delivery:

 Volumetric Concrete

Volumetric concrete, also known as mix on-site concrete, is produced on-site rather than being pre-mixed and transported to the construction site. The ingredients (such as cement, aggregates, water, and additives) are stored separately in the volumetric concrete mixer truck. The concrete is mixed in precise proportions as required by the client, ensuring freshness and quality.

Ready-Mix Concrete

Ready-mix concrete is produced at a centralised batching plant. The concrete is manufactured in large quantities and transported to the construction site in ready-to-use form and is then transported to the site in mixer trucks.

Ready-Mix Concrete

Why Choose Mix On-Site Concrete?

Customers ordering mix on-site concrete delivery in Toddington tell us that there are a number of benefits they enjoy as a result of ordering freshly mixed concrete:

  1. No Waste. Our clients are watching their budgets carefully, so a significant reduction in waste is welcomed. When ordering mix on-site concrete, the exact volume required for your job is calculated, using the Custom Concrete calculator, so waste is minimal. This is a cost saving and it avoids unnecessary disposal of unused concrete.
  2. Fresh Concrete. Volumetric concrete is prepared on-site, exactly where it is needed. Customers are guaranteed top quality concrete that has not been sitting in a transit mixer in its journey from a remote batching plant. If you work with concrete, you know that the fresher it is, the better its workability, strength, and overall quality
  3. Multiple Batches. Need different batches for a range of on-site jobs? Site-mixed concrete allows for precise customisation of mixes. Just let us know what you need, and we will programme in the mixes for you. The ratio of cement, aggregates, water, and additives can be adjusted on-site if weather or site conditions require it.
  4. Improved Site Productivity. Mix on-site concrete eliminates the risks involved in transporting pre-mixed concrete from a batching plant to the construction site. Customers can be sure that the concrete is in perfect condition for the pour, and local mix on-site delivery in Toddington guarantees accurate scheduling.
  5. Environmental Concrete. Sustainability is increasingly an important consideration when ordering concrete. Custom Concrete has reduced its carbon footprint in two ways. First, Custom Concrete uses CEM II eco cement which create less CO2 than CEM I cement. Second, we deliver locally, using volumetric trucks which minimise the number of journeys we need to make.
  6. Cost-Effective Ordering. Precision ordering gives our Toddington customers a high degree of control. Add to this the optimised site logistics we offer, and the reduced transportation costs, and volumetric concrete is revealed to be the most cost-effective solution for our Bedfordshire clients.
  7. Delivery to Small and Large Jobs. Custom Concrete delivers to DIY customers, large construction sites, or renovation projects. The volume is of no consequence to us as we transport the ingredients in their raw state. Customers are not charged a surcharge for small loads as they would be for ready-mixed concrete orders.

How to Order Volumetric Concrete

Prior to mix on-site concrete delivery in Toddington our customers use the Custom Concrete Calculator so they can order the exact volume of concrete they require. The process is simple; you select the kind of job for which the concrete is needed, enter the measurements, and an accurate calculation of the volume required appears within seconds.

If there are any question about the mix, or about custom batches required, our trained and experienced customer service team are on-hand to help.

Custom Concrete Pump Hire

Our volumetric trucks measure 10 metres in length, 2.5 metres in width, and 4 metres in height. They offer excellent reach but not all sites we deliver to in Toddington offer simple access for pouring concrete. Where this is the case Custom Concrete pump hire services guarantee the smooth and efficient delivery of your concrete.

There are two types of concrete pump for hire: the concrete boom pump, and the concrete line pump. Whatever access challenges your site presents, one of these pumps will provide the perfect solution.

  • Concrete Boom Pump. If you require drop delivery from above, the boom pump is what you need. A hydraulic arm facilitates the lifting and placing of pipes where access is difficult. Boom pumps are used on sites with restricted access, or in the construction of multi-storey buildings.
  • Concrete Line Pump. Made up of a number of connected pipes, the line pump is used to navigate obstacles on site and speed up concrete delivery. Once the volumetric concrete is mixed it is channelled into the hopper and then pumped through the pipes to its destination. The line pump guarantees fast, clean delivery of your concrete.

Working With Custom Concrete

Why choose local mix on-site concrete delivery in Toddington? Feedback we receive from our customers in the area tells us that they appreciate the fact that we know the area, they trust us as an established local company, and they recognise our industry experience. Most important, though, Custom Concrete can be relied upon to provide simple, accurate ordering, prompt delivery and excellent customer service.

If you are looking for local mix on-site concrete delivery in Toddington, or you would like to know more about volumetric concrete, call the Custom Concrete customer service team today on 01525 861899

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