Site-Mixed Concrete Supplier for Biggleswade

Site-Mixed Concrete Supplier for Biggleswade

Volumetric Concrete For Commercial, Residential & DIY Jobs

Looking for a reliable site-mixed concrete supplier for Biggleswade? Custom Concrete will deliver to schedule, and provide freshly made concrete onsite, ready to pour. Whether you need concrete for a residential driveway, or you’re a commercial construction site requiring a mixed-batch delivery, you can trust the Custom Concrete team to complete the order accurately and efficiently.

What is Site-Mixed Concrete?

Site-mixed concrete (also known as volumetric concrete) arrives as raw materials in a volumetric truck. Once the truck is positioned on site, it becomes a mobile batching plant capable of mixing fresh concrete ready to pour. The truck can be programmed to mix multiple batches in the course of the day, each providing the correct consistency for the job.

5 Benefits of Site-Mixed Concrete

As an established site-mixed concrete supplier for Biggleswade businesses, we know that our customers are looking for affordable, high-quality concrete, with no waste to dispose of once the job is complete. We are delighted to be able to deliver on these requirements, and a few more as well.

1. Simple and Efficient Ordering

Getting value from your concrete supplier begins with the ordering process. Biggleswade customers use the Custom Concrete Calculator to work out the exact volume of concrete they need for the job. You simply select the kind of job you need the concrete for, enter the measurements and you’ll receive an accurate calculation of the volume to order.

If you need advice or guidance, Custom Concrete has a knowledgeable Customer Service team on hand who can provide detailed answers to your questions.

2. We Deliver to Any Size of Job

A volumetric concrete mixer holds 8.5m2 per deliver, so we regularly deliver to construction sites in Biggleswade. We’re equally happy to deliver to DIYers, or residential builders who only need a small amount of concrete. Because we only carry the raw materials, it is easy for us to scale up, or down the volume – and we won’t charge you a surcharge on a smaller order.

3. You Only Pay For What You Use

We don’t like to see waste at any point in the supply chain, and certainly not as part of our delivery process. The use of volumetric trucks to mix and then pour fresh concrete ensures that the exact volume ordered is delivered. Our Biggleswade customers only pay for the concrete they use, and there is no waste to be disposed of.

4. Your Concrete Mix Can Be Tweaked

As a site-mixed concrete supplier for Biggleswade customers we have had our share of deliveries made during a summer heatwave, or a deluge of rain. Weather has an impact on concrete; heat can cause it to start curing faster than normal, rain falling during a pour can weaken the mix.

Custom Concrete drivers help by offering tweaks to the mix to allow for the conditions in which the pour will happen. This keeps the quality of the concrete high, despite conditions that are out of customers’ control.

5. Our Site-Mixed Concrete is Sustainable

Many of our customers are now looking for sustainable concrete. Or this reason, we have replaced CEM-I Ordinary Portland Cement with CEM-II Eco Cement. This has been proven to reduce the carbon footprint of our concrete we produce; it also allows us to keep price rises to a minimum.

Working With Custom Concrete

Customers who use Custom Concrete as their site-mixed concrete supplier for Biggleswade know that we deliver value for money. The team at Custom Concrete offers customers concrete that is mixed on site to their specific requirements. As specialists in concrete supply, we provide detailed guidance and FREE technical support on the most appropriate mix for your project.

If you would like more information about Custom Concrete site-mixed concrete supplier for Biggleswade, call our dedicated customer service team today on 01525 861899

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